Neuroscience Information Framework
A Blueprint-Funded Resource
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  • Ongoing contract to create a public online inventory of neuroscience resources, searchable by particulars or by concept.
  • Researchers are encouraged to suggest inclusion of specific resources by emailing Dr. Karen Skinner using the subject line "Blueprint Inventory."
  • Enables sharing of digital magnetic resonance images (MRI) and advanced 3-D microscopy images using high-bandwidth networking technologies as well as related genomic, structural, and gene expression data.

  • Project to develop a unique software modeling environment, the Virtual Cell, for quantitative cell biological research.

  • A searchable database of images of putative biological pathways, macromolecular structures, gene families, and cellular relationships.

  • An initiative to enhance the application of computer science to problems in biology and medicine.
  • Supports seven Centers developing innovative software programs and other tools for systems biology, image processing, biophysical modeling, biomedical ontologies, information integration, and gene-phenotype and disease analysis.
  • The BISTI Consortium develops research grants, training opportunities, and scientific symposia related to biomedical computing.

  • Supports services, training, and research to enhance the use, and speed the development of, tools for neuroimaging/neuroinformatics.

  • Brings together program officers from NIH, National Science Foundation, and other federal agencies and departments who have a shared interest in applying modeling and analysis methods to biomedical systems.