Archived Funding Opportunities

  • This program funds the development of probes, instrumentation, and other tools for understanding, monitoring, and manipulating neural plasticity.
  • Funded projects have the potential to develop new reporters of neural plasticity, methods for manipulating cell and circuit function associated with plasticity, and optical or electrophysiological methods for monitoring neural plasticity.

  • This contract will support high throughput analysis of gene expression in the developing Rhesus macaque brain, leading to development of a publicly accessible gene expression map.
  • The goal is to provide a bridge between existing gene expression maps in other species, including mouse, and future efforts in human.

  • The recipient of this contract will collect and prepare Rhesus macaque brain tissue for gene expression analysis and construction of the gene expression map.

  • In partnership with the UC Davis/NINDS/NIMH NeuroMab Facility, the Blueprint Resource Antibodies Initiative for Neurodevelopment (BRAINdev) is funding the targeted creation and distribution of a large number of high quality monoclonal antibodies for neurodevelopment research.
  • This announcement solicited applications toward the creation of Center(s) for Neurodevelopmental Antibodies (CENA), which will evaluate the immunoreactivity of these monoclonal antibodies in the developing central and peripheral nervous systems of multiple model organisms.

Tools and Techniques for Elucidating and Manipulating Neural Circuit Development
Closed September 17, 2007
  • This RFA solicited novel approaches for the study and manipulation of neural circuits as they form during development.

Neuroimaging Informatics Software Enhancement for Improved Interoperability and Dissemination
RFA closed February 23, 2007

Neurodegeneration Initiatives
Closed December 9, 2006
  • These four RFAs supported the development of biomarkers for neurodegeneration, development of novel techniques to deliver therapeutics to the nervous system, and opportunities for postdoctoral fellows and established investigators to receive training in neurodegeneration research.
  • Turner Consulting Group (TCG) of Washington, D.C. is under contract to develop a web-based clearinghouse for neuroimaging tools, vocabularies, and databases, with an initial focus on functional MRI.
  • There is little uniformity among measures used to assess quality of life in patients with neurological disease, making it difficult to compare or compile data across studies.
  • Dr. Richard Gershon of Northwestern Healthcare Research Institute is under contract to lead the development of a "toolbox" of measures for assessing cognitive, sensory, and motor functions.
Training in Neuroimaging
Closed March 14, 2006 - Three awards made in FY06.
  • Supports the development of programs to provide comprehensive training in basic neuroscience, the physical and biological bases of neuroimaging, and the application of in vivo neuroimaging techniques.
  • Each program has: (1) a pre-doctoral training program and (2) a short-term research education program for scientists at all career stages.
Training in Computational Neuroscience
Closed March 14, 2006 - Four awards made in FY06.
  • Supports new training programs in computational neuroscience for undergraduates and (optionally) predoctoral students.
  • Recipient institutions may also develop short courses open to scientists at all stages of their careers.
Training in Translational Research of Neurobiology of Disease
Closed February 23, 2006 - Three awards made in FY06.
  • Helps train scientists to move results from basic studies into clinical research, and to appreciate how findings in clinical research can inform basic research.
  • Supports training of both basic and clinical researchers, with information flow in both directions.
Course Development in the Neurobiology of Disease
Closed February 17, 2006 - Twelve awards made in FY05 and FY06
  • Supports development and expansion of graduate courses on the neurobiology of disease. Each course is expected to cover a broad spectrum of neurological disorders, with emphasis on common themes.
  • Course materials developed under the awards must be disseminated.
Recombinase-Expressing "Driver" Mouse Lines for Studying the Nervous System
Closed January 20, 2006 - Three awards made in FY06.
  • Supports the development of mice carrying recombinase genes that can be used to drive tissue-specific or time-specific expression of target genes in the nervous system.
Interdisciplinary Core Grants
Closed January 20, 2006 - Four awards were made in FY06.
  • Each Blueprint core facility provides scientists pursuing research on the nervous system with a hub of expertise, resources and opportunities for cross-disciplinary work.
New Ways to Image Neural Activity
Closed October 25, 2005 - Six awards made in FY05
Fact Sheet: pdf   html
  • Addresses the need to visualize neural activity with higher spatial and temporal resolution than is currently possible.
Neuroscience Information Framework
Contract awarded September 30, 2005
  • Supports the creation of a publicly accessible online inventory of data, resources and tools for neuroscientists.  A beta version of the inventory is accessible from the project website.
  • Dr. Dan Gardner at Weill Medical College of Cornell University and team members at 14 other sites are collaborating with the Society for Neuroscience to develop an inventory that is searchable by particulars or by concept.