Clinical Tools

NIH Toolbox for Assessment of Neurological and Behavioral Function
A Blueprint-Funded Resource
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  • There is little uniformity among measures used to assess quality of life in patients with neurological disease, making it difficult to compare or compile data across studies.
  • The toolbox will be a comprehensive set of measures for assessing cognition, emotion, sensation and motor functions, with an emphasis on those measures useful for studying epidemiology, prevention and long-term intervention.
FNIH Biomarkers Consortium
  • A partnership among the Foundation for NIH (FNIH), government agencies and the private sector, formed to accelerate the development of biomarkers -- non-symptomatic changes in the body that indicate a disease process or risk of disease.
  • Researchers seeking assistance with biomarker development for brain disorders may apply to the Consortium's Neuroscience Steering Committee for financial and technical support.