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Travel expenses and geographical distances are easily overcome with CIT's Web Collaboration Services. Web Collaboration is a tool that provides rich media communication for instant virtual informal and formal meetings with colleagues or collaborators across the globe. 

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Introduction to NIH Web Collaboration

Travel time and geographical locations are obstacles that are easily overcome with CIT's Web Collaboration Services. Some of the ways the NIH community uses Web Collaboration are to hold ad hoc virtual meetings, to rapidly train users through elearning lectures and online quizzes, and to allow teleworkers to stay in touch.

Connect (formerly called Breeze) is a web conferencing product made by Adobe Systems, Inc. NIH has its own Connect application running on the NIH servers, safely within the NIH firewall. The system is based on the ubiquitous Flash player. Because Flash is already installed on over 98% of internet browsers across the world chances are that you are ready to view Connect meetings without having to do a thing to your machine!


  • Customized virtual conference rooms are available 24 x 7
  • Easy to use and integrates with Microsoft Outlook
  • Provides collaboration, document sharing, white boarding, chat, and online polling capabilities
  • Uses Flash to deliver interactive content on the web, and provides unique support for video, voice, data, animations and simulations
  • View meetings on many platforms used throughout NIH: Windows, Macs, Unix, and Linux
  • Rapidly delivers online training courses
  • Supports online quizzes