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NCI Research Resources; A Directory of Research Tools and Services for Cancer Researchers
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Resources by Category – over 175 resources listed

Animal Resources
· Registries of tumors in animals
· Animal production labs

Cancer communication resources
· Services, information for patients and providers
· Visuals, multimedia

Clinical Trials
· Clinical trials & cooperative groups
· Cancer Therapy Evaluation Program

Drugs, chemicals and biologicals
· Databases of carcinogens, proteins, anti-cancer compounds
· Repositories of biological and chemical reagents

Epidemiological resources and statistics
· Database management, exposure, diet, outcome
· Surveillance, SEER, other resources

Family registries/cancer genetics resources
· Cancer family registries
· Cancer Genetics Network


Genomic resources
· Cancer Genome Anatomy Project
· Mammalian Gene Collection
· Mouse resources

NCI intramural research
· Research programs online
· Consultation services

Research & manufacturing services
· Screening and production of compounds
· Preclinical development of drugs and biologics

Scientific computing resources
· Advanced Biomedical Computing Center
· Software for data analysis

Specimen resources
· Human and animal, normal and cancerous specimens
· Specimen information

Resources by NCI Divisions, Programs...
· Division home pages and resources; listed by division
· Scientific Programs