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Nicotine addiction and other dangers of tobacco use.
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Additional Publications on Smoking and Nicotine Addiction

Events on Smoking and Nicotine Addiction

  • World Conference on Tobacco OR Health
    November 20, 2008
    March 8-12, 2009
    Mumbai, INDIA

    NIDA-sponsored symposia include "Smoking and Co-morbid Disease" and "The Future of Smoking Cessation Treatment"

  • NIDA/NCI "Early Exposure to Secondhand smoke: Issues related to methodology, measurement, and future research directions" expert panel
    January 13, 2008
    Neuroscience Center
    6001 Executive Blvd, Rockville, MD

    This is an invitation-only event
    Questions? Contact Allison Chausmer Hoffman (301-402-5088;

  • Past Events and Summaries

Trying to Quit

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