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Division of Program Coordination, Planning, and Strategic Initiatives (DPCPSI) National Institutes of Health  •  U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

NIH Roadmap for Medical Research

The NIH Common Fund

The NIH Common Fund was created by the NIH in 2004 and enacted into law by Congress through the 2006 NIH Reform Act to support cross-cutting, trans-NIH programs. Because NIH Institutes and Centers (ICs) regularly collaborate in areas of shared interest, the IC Directors and the NIH Leadership developed specific criteria for Common Fund programs. More...

New! Transformative R01 Program

The NIH Director recently announced a new program to be conducted through the NIH Roadmap that is designed to stimulate disruption of existing paradigms or creation of paradigms where none exists. The Transformative R01 Program (T-R01s) will allow highly creative, “out-of-the-box” projects to be supported. Special areas of Highlighted Need have been identified for the program. The NIH recognizes that new paradigms are needed in these areas and will particularly encourage research that addresses these needs. The broad topics to be highlighted include:

  • Understanding and Incenting Behavior Change
  • 3-D Tissue Models – October 24 Meeting
  • Functional Variation in Mitochondria
  • Transition from Acute to Chronic Pain
  • Formulation of novel protein capture reagents
  • Evidence for Pharmacogenomics clinical studies

The T-R01 Program represents a High Risk/High Reward Demonstration Project in which novel approaches to peer review and program management are to be piloted.

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