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Dear Constituent:

Welcome to the 8th District's Non-Profit Resource Center. Non-profit organizations have a tremendous presence here in Northern Virginia, serving tens of thousands of families. The commitment of conscientious individuals and leadership of non-profit organizations working to improve the common good is what helps make our region not just such a great place to live, work and recreate, but also a community.

Provided below are links to some websites that I think you will find helpful. I also encourage you to sign-up for my Moran Non-Profit e-Newsletter, a monthly email detailing some of the best non-profit management practices being used in Northern Virginia.

This is a user-supported newsletter - its content relies on the feedback from readers willing to share their stories as to how they tackled a particular problem that they feel others in the non-profit community might also be facing. If you have information for the newsletter that you would like to share, please contact Bryan Spoon in my Alexandria District Office at 703-971-4700 or bryan.spoon@mail.house.gov.

I appreciate your interest in supporting and working in the non-profit community. Thank you for making a difference in the lives of others.


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Jim Moran†  

  1. Informative Non-Profit Websites
  2. Local Govt. Resources
  3. Tech Review
  4. Selected Reading Materials
  5. Event and Training Listings
  6. Legal Info for Non-profits
  7. How to Start a Non-Profit
  8. Community Spotlight


I. Informative Non-profit Websites:

GRANTS.GOV -- Offers resources helping non-profits apply and win grants from over 1,000 programs which consist of over $400 billion in federal grants. From their website you can find training materials, search for grants and sign up for newsletters and email alerts to specific grant programs.

The Foundation Center -- Maintains the nation's largest directory of private, philanthropic foundations. Material covering a topics ranging from fundraising to proposal writing are available on the site. 

Board Source -- Offers topic papers on how to build an effective non-profit board of directors. Includes downloadable e-books and a FAQ section with over 180 answers to questions non-profit managers face.

Federal Agency Points of Contact - A listing of each agency for any question you might have.

Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance -- A listing of federal programs available to all levels of government; public and private, profit and nonprofit organizations and other institutions and individuals.

Federal Assistance Award Data System -- Quarterly reports of standardized data on financial assistance awards made by federal agencies.

Writing a Grant Proposal -- A step-by-step guide to developing and writing a grant proposal.

HHS GrantsNet -- U.S. Department of Health and Human Resources' comprehensive guide to the grants process.

National Grants Management Association
Provides training, publications and special projects to empower grant-making agencies and recipients. 

Virginia Network of Non-Profit Organizations: VANNO is a member network connecting nonprofit organizations throughout Virginia. We strive to ensure that all Virginia nonprofits are educated, engaged and equipped to serve their communities, and that their voices are heard by public policy makers.

National Congress of Non-Profit Associations: NCNA is the network of state and regional nonprofit associations serving over 20,000 members in 41 states and the District of Columbia. NCNA links local organizations to a national audience through state associations and helps small and midsize nonprofits: manage and lead more effectively; collaborate and exchange solutions; engage in critical policy issues affecting the sector; and achieve greater impact in their communities.

Northern Virginia Community Foundation: NVCF is the community foundation serving Fairfax, Loudoun, and Prince William counties. NVCF exists to build a stronger philanthropic community in Northern Virginia by growing community endowments, addressing community needs, and providing community leadership.

II. Local Government Resources:

Arlington County Volunteer Office
Alexandria Volunteer Bureau
Volunteer Fairfax
Falls Church City Website

Local Foundation Centers:
Washington, DC
1627 K Street, NW, Third Floor
Washington, DC 20006-1708

12000 Government Center Parkway, Suite 329
Fairfax, VA 22035
MaryAnn Sheehan, Research Librarian
Phone: 703-324-8343

 III. Technology:

Non-Profit Technology Resource
Idealware: Non-Profit Software Review
A Non-Profit Guide to Getting Started with RSS

IV. Selected Reading Materials:

Event Planning Black Tie Optional: A Complete Special Events Resource for Nonprofit Organizations by Harry A. Freedman (Author), Karen Feldman (Author)
  The Complete Guide to Successful Event Planning by Shannon Kilkenny (Author)
Fundraising Beyond Fundraising: New Strategies for Nonprofit Innovation and Investment, 2nd Edition by Kay Sprinkel Grace (Author)
  Demystifying Grant Seeking: What You REALLY Need to Do to Get Grants by Larissa Golden Brown (Author), Martin John Brown (Author)
  Getting Funded: The Complete Guide to Writing Grant Proposals by Mary S. Hall (Author), Susan Howlett (Author)
  The Only Grant-Writing Book You'll Ever Need: Top Grant Writers and Grant Givers Share Their Secrets by Ellen Karsh (Author), Arlen Sue Fox (Author)
  Writing for a Good Cause: The Complete Guide to Crafting Proposals and Other Persuasive Pieces for Nonprofits by Joseph Barbato (Author), Danielle Furlich (Author)
How to Form a Nonprofit How to Form a Nonprofit Corporation (book w/ CD-Rom) by Anthony Mancuso (Author)
Law 650 Essential Nonprofit Law Questions Answered by Bruce R. Hopkins (Author)
  Nonprofit Law Made Easy by Bruce R. Hopkins (Author)
Management Forces for Good: The Six Practices of High-Impact Nonprofits by Leslie Crutchfield (Author), Heather McLeod Grant (Author)
  Managing a Nonprofit Organization in the Twenty-First Century by Thomas Wolf (Author), Barbara Carter (Illustrator)
  Managing the Nonprofit Organization by Peter F. Drucker (Author)
Mergers and Alliances Forging Nonprofit Alliances: A Comprehensive Guide to Enhancing Your Mission Through Joint Ventures & Partnerships, Management Service Organizations, Parent ... Nonprofit and Public Management Series.) by Jane Arsenault (Author)
  Nonprofit Mergers: The Power of Successful Partnerships (Aspen's Nonprofit Management Series) by Dan H. McCormick (Author)
  The Nonprofit Mergers Workbook: The Leader's Guide to Considering, Negotiating, and Executing a Merger by David La Piana (Author), Vincent Hyman (Editor)
Publicity Advocacy Campaigns for Nonprofits: Plan for Success, Know Your Media Environment, and Maximize Your Resources (Capitol Learning Audio Course) by TheCapitol.Net (Author), Michael Shannon (Author)
  Branding for Nonprofits by DK Holland (Author)
  Nonprofit Internet Strategies: Best Practices for Marketing, Communications, and Fundraising Success by Ted Hart (Author), et al.
  Nonprofit Marketing Best Practices by John J. Burnett (Author)
  The New Rules of Marketing and PR: How to Use News Releases, Blogs, Podcasting, Viral Marketing and Online Media to Reach Buyers Directly by David Meerman Scott (Author)
  The Publicity Handbook, New Edition: The Inside Scoop from More than 100 Journalists and PR Pros on How to Get Great Publicity Coverage by David R. Yale (Author), Andrew J. Carothers (Author)
Volunteer Recruitment and Retention Volunteers Wanted by Jo Bryan Rusin (Author)
  Volunteers: How to Get Them, How to Keep Them by Helen Little (Author)
Board Source Bookstore



V. Upcoming Trainings and Events:

Listed below are just a few of the fabulous trainings being held this month at the Foundation Center, a resource center for non-profits. Some of the events are free, others charge tuition. Their full calendar of events is available at their website. (http://foundationcenter.org/washington/dc_calendar.html).


January 31 - February 1: Foundation Funding Research: Strategies for Finding and Evaluating Prospects
February 8: Introduction to Fundraising Planning
February 5, 12, and 20: Grantseeking Basics
February 15: Proposal Budgeting Workshop
February 22: How to Approach a Foundation: From Initial Contact to Getting Funded
February 29: Before You Seek a Grant: A Checklist for New Nonprofits

March 6: Booz Allen Hamilton/Volunteer Fairfax Non-profit Conference


February 12: Reston Stream Restoration Groundbreaking Event
10-11:30 am
2222 Colts Neck Drive
Reston, Virginia 20191
RSVP to Karen Monaghan, Reston Association
(703) 435-6514 or karen@reston.org

February 18: Alexandria President's Day Parade

Feb. 25th: Alice Ferguson Foundation's Potomac River Watershed Cleanup
This spring there will be a number of cleanups throughout Northern Virginia.†
At the Fairfax County Government Center on Monday, February 25, from 6-8 p.m. their will be a briefing about the program.†
For more information contact Dan Schwartz of (NVSWCD) (Dan.Schwartz@fairfaxcounty.gov)

April 26th: National Rebuilding Day


VI. Legal Information:

Charitable Organization Legal Details from the IRS
IRS Form 990 Redraft
IRS Form 990-N
Federal Agency Points of Contact:


VII. How to Start a Nonprofit:

There are many logistical and legal considerations involved in starting a nonprofit organization in Virginia.† The below text and links should be helpful for you and your mission's success.

This guide is broken into the following five chapters:

  • Before you Begin: Needs Assessment and Market Analysis
  • Researching the community, discovering the community's needs, and making sure the community will sustain your organization.


  • Forming the Organization: The By-Laws and the Board
  • Determining your organization's structure


  • Tax, Lobbying and Fundraising: Non-Profit Status and Start-up Funding
  • Applying for tax-exempt status and getting your organization off the ground.


  • Operating the Organization: Staff, Employees and Volunteers
  • Running your non-profit: personnel issues.


  • Organizational Governance: Organizational Actors and Legal Duties
  • Recognizing the legal obligations and duties of the non-profit's members

VIII. Spotlight on the Community:

Lynn Gaubatz, founder of www.AdoptALibrary.org.†

Ms. Gaubatz, a Falls Church resident, was recently announced winner of the Woman's Day Award from Woman's Day magazine.†

If you would like someone included in this section please email bryan.spoon@mail.house.gov


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