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Special Events

Keep tweens excited about the VERB Scorecard campaign by offering a variety of special events. Your partners/vendors can host smaller scale special events at their facilities or businesses just for VERB Scorecard holders, such as special hours just for tweens, tween dances and other exclusive perks.

On a grander scale, community-wide special events are great opportunities for tweens, and can increase awareness of the issues among parents and other adult influencers. Design special events to keep tweens and parents thinking about physical activity well after your VERB Scorecard campaign. Rotate tweens through fun and cool activity stations, while parents can sign-up their children for physical activity classes, teams, programs and camps at separate registration tables staffed by your partners/vendors.

However, community-wide special events are labor intensive and should only be undertaken if you have sufficient staff and partner support, and can assure a good crowd by holding the event where tweens naturally convene, having programs that serve youth transport large numbers of tweens to the event or having sufficient promotion to draw large numbers.

Some previous campaign communities have piggy-backed their VERB Scorecard event with an existing community event to simplify the organizing process. Be sure that there is a natural relationship and complementary goals with any event with which you collaborate. With this approach, the workload for your planning team may be lighter: set up a table and/or tent, collect VERB Scorecards, distribute small prizes and hold the grand prize drawing.

However, your planning team’s ability to draw large numbers of tweens relies absolutely on the other event organizers’ ability to market the event and draw a crowd. Also, a tie-in with another event could lessen the brand identity of your campaign among your target audience (i.e., your VERB Scorecard campaign could be perceived as The Other Event’s Scorecard campaign).

Kick-Off Events

A rousing kick-off event is a great way to launch your campaign, distribute VERB Scorecards, create buzz among youth and generate media attention for the campaign. Multiply the effect with several kick-off events held throughout your community.

Grand Finale

Motivate and inspire tweens with a spectacular grand finale event designed just for them. Tweens can redeem their completed VERB Scorecards, pick up their small prizes and anticipate winning big in the grand prize drawing.

Make the grand prize drawing the pinnacle of the exhilarating event. Local celebrities, athletes and radio/television personalities that are cool to the tweens add interest to the grand prize drawing. Make sure your emcee is experienced and comfortable on the microphone and keeping the crowd engaged. Radio personalities and sports announcers have worked well for previous campaign sites. Keeping this part of the event short works well for energetic tweens. Finish with active fanfare, like letting tweens run the bases of a baseball diamond, swim a lap, do the wave or high-five the celebrities.



Page last reviewed: August 1, 2007
Page last modified: August 1, 2007
Content source: National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion, Division of Adolescent and School Health 

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