Managing Mobile Crane Hazards

Paul Satti CSC
Construction Safety Council

The following was presented , in part, at the Construction Safety Council's 13th Annual Construction Safety Conference & Exposition, February 2003, in Rosemont, Illinois.

This presentation is recommended for the site supervisor or safety person. Workers around cranes - laborers, carpenters, supervisors - are at more risk than crane operators are for deaths or injuries. Whether you are a crane rental service, a general contractor, or a company whose employees sometimes work around cranes, you have responsibilities. Critical topics include selection of a crane, daily inspections, communication between site management and the crane operator, and supervision of the crane operator. Also covered are basic crane components and their functions, hazards associated with crane operations, and regulations that address the hazards.


Crane Selection, Site Review & Set-Up

Hazards of Working Around Cranes

Mobile Crane Inspection

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