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The incident outlined below was submitted by an NEA member company and actually occurred. Duplicate this "Accident FAX" and distribute it to your employees or use it as the basis of discussion for your safety training.

INCIDENT: An oiler was working on a tower crane when the following sequence of events occurred. Underneath the tower crane is a catch pan that is designed to catch all oil and grease leaks and then funnel them into a container. The drain was plugged and the oiler's task was to clean out this drain. While he was working in the catch pan, he got oil all over his boots. When he attempted to climb down the access ladder he slipped on the rungs of the ladder, putting one leg between two rungs. He lost his grip with his hands and ended up hanging upside down on the ladder, fracturing his ankle between the rungs.

CONCLUSION: Training is the key to preventing this injury from occurring again. Even though it would seem like common sense to clean off your oily boots before climbing a ladder, increasing employee awareness of the danger of oily boots in a "tool box" talk might have prevented this injury.

If you have an incident you would like to share with "Accident FAX", please FAX a brief summary on your company letterhead to "Membership Services" at (703) 52433b4. No company names or identifying details are included in the "Accident FAX". They are strictly for educational purposes to advance safety awareness at all levels. Only NEA Members may submit an "Accident FAX".

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