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Dispute Resolution Program Best Practices

This website contains a compilation of information acquired through our experiences with the Dispute Resolution Program (DRP). As such, it is intended to be used as a resource for all participants in the program. In addition to providing real-life examples of how best to resolve rebate disputes and how to reduce the incidence of initial disputes, this information also offers valuable insight from the perspective of those most intimately involved in the dispute resolution process. Since the DRP has proven to be a continually evolving program, this website has been designed to allow for revisions and additions as necessary.

Compilation of these best practices is made possible through the cooperation of states, manufacturers and others who work closely with this program. Both the DRP and the compilation of this information clearly demonstrate the ability of the states and the manufacturers to effectively work together in a partnership. We remain committed to helping the states and manufacturers resolve disputes through the DRP and, by working together, to seek new ways to continually improve the Medicaid Drug Rebate Program.

Disclaimer: Any opinion expressed here does not represent the opinion of the agency and will not bind or obligate the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS).

To download Best Practices Information for Drug Manufacturers and Best Practices Information for States click on the Downloads link below.


Best Practices Manufacturers [PDF, 33KB]

Best Practices for States [PDF, 66KB]

Sample Resolution Letter [PDF, 14KB]
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