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Other Federal Programs and Related Resources

Transformation of the  mental health system in America is a monumental task. The system must be redirected towards its primary goal – helping adults with serious mental illness and children with serious emotional disturbances achieve recovery to live, work, learn and participate fully in their communities. Federal agencies can act as leaders and as facilitators, promoting shared responsibility for change at the Federal, State, and local levels, in such areas as public education, research, service system capacity, and technology development.
The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) has established for its work a clear vision – a life in the community for everyone. It has focused its mission on building resilience and facilitating recovery for people with or at risk for mental or substance use disorders. To visit the SAMHSA website, please click the link under "Related Links Outside CMS".
The Health Resources Services Administration (HRSA) is the primary Federal agency for improving access to health care services for people who are uninsured, isolated, or medically vulnerable. It provides national leadership, program resources and services needed to improve access to culturally competent, quality health care. To visit the HRSA website, please click the link under "Related Links Outside CMS".
CMS works collaboratively with both of these Federal agencies. Please see the additional resources under "Related Links Outside of CMS" for additional information.


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National Registry of Evidence-Based Programs and Practices

Approved HCPCS and CPT Codes and Modifiers for Substance Abuse Treatment, Mental Health and Behavioral Health

Abt Report on Reimbursement of Mental Health in Primary Care Settings (PDF, 1.63MB)

Issue Brief: Serving the Needs of Medicaid Enrollees with Integrated Behavioral Health Services in Safety Net Primary Care Settings (PDF, 162KB)

National Expenditures for Mental Health Services and Substance Abuse Treatment, 1993-2003, 2007 (PDF, 1.69MB)

Healthy People 2010, Mental Health and Mental Disorders

State Profiles of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services in Medicaid

State Mandates for Treatment for Mental Illness and Substance Use Disorders (SMA-07-4228)

Screening for Mental Illness in Nursing Facility Applicants: Understanding Federal Requirements

PASSR Screening for Mental Illness in Nursing Facility Applicants and Residents (SMA 06-4039)

Administration of Mental Health Services by Medicaid Agencies

Mental Health Services in Medicaid, 1999

Medicaid Financing of State and County Psychiatric Hospitals




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