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CMS Reports and Publications

There has been enormous progress in treating and supporting individuals with serious mental illnesses. There are now effective medications, evidence-based practices and other promising practices that can aid many individuals with serious mental illness to live fulfilling, productive lives in the community. The joint federal-State Medicaid program is the single largest source of funding for public mental health services. States have considerable latitude in shaping their Medicaid programs. Federal law does not contain explicit provisions concerning the exact types of mental health services and supports that a State may offer. However, all States offer some mental health services in their Medicaid programs.
Two excellent sources of Medicaid data include the Medicaid Managed Care Enrollment Report, which provides enrollment statistics on Medicaid managed care programs on a plan-specific level, and the National Summary of State Medicaid Managed Care Programs (Description of State Programs), which provides descriptions of the States' Medicaid managed care programs.
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