Visiting NASA

    Third Saturday Events

    Register up to one month in advance for any of the Visitor Center events listed below by calling (216) 433-9653.

    • All adult visitors are required to present government-issued photo identification, such as a driver's license.
    • Access to the Visitor Center is restricted to United States citizens and foreign national students in Grades K-12.
    • All vehicles and bags are subject to inspection, so visitors may experience a slight delay upon entering the center.


  • A Learjet flies over NOAA's boat as it collects algae samples from the water.

    Lake Erie Through NASA's Eyes

    01.17.09 - NASA Glenn is using a research aircraft to monitor algae growth in Lake Erie. Learn about the plane, and hear what it's found.

  • NASA at the Movies

    02.21.09 - NASA science and technology have inspired movie makers for decades. Find out the difference between science fiction and science fact.

  • Safety in the Skies

    03.21.09 - NASA is at the leading edge in improving flight safety for pilots and passengers. Find out what we've done to make your trips safer.