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Title:         The American Film Institute catalog of motion pictures
                  produced in the United States.
Published:     Berkeley : University of California Press, 1971-
Description:    ; 29 cm.
LC Call No.:   PN1998 .A57
Dewey No.:     016.79143/75/0973 19
ISBN:          0520215214 (v. F4)
Notes:         Various editors.
               Published 1971-1988 by R.R. Bowker, New York; vols. F2
                  and F6 published under both imprints.
               Includes bibliographical references and indexes.
               v. A. Film beginnings, 1893-1910. (2v.) -- v. F1.
                  Feature films, 1911-1920  (2 v.) -- v. F2. Feature
                  films, 1921-1930. (2 v.) -- v. F3. Feature films,
                  1931-1940. (3 v.) -- v. F4. Feature films, 1941-1950
                  (3 v.)    -- v. F6. Feature films, 1961-1970 (2 v.)
Subjects:      Motion pictures -- United States -- Catalogs.
Other authors: American Film Institute.
Source:        DLC DLC DLC
Control No.:   2759193
URL:           Publisher description

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