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December 1997
Oil, Gas Potential in Russia's West Siberian Basin Exceeds Estimated Remaining U.S. Resource Base December 10, 1997

Natural Gas Key Factor in Future Electricity Price Reductions; Rapid Technological Advances Able to Slow Carbon Emissions December 18, 1997

Gasoline Price Decline Gives Consumers a Holiday Gift December 23, 1997
November 1997
EIA Study Shows Environmental Costs Play Minor Role In Declining Profitability of Major U.S. Refining Operations November 5, 1997

Electricity Production Boosts Renewable Energy Use November 10, 1997

Energy Use, Carbon Emissions Continue to Rise In New EIA Forecast; Industry Restructuring, Competition Help Lower Electricity Prices  November 12, 1997

Coal Production Sets New Record in 1996 As Number of Mines Continues To Decline  November 18, 1997
October 1997
Nuclear Energy Provides Growing Share of Electric Power October 6, 1997

EIA Says Use of Alternative Fueled Vehicles, Alternative Transportation Fuels on Rise  October 8 , 1997

EIA Expects Lower Prices for Heating Fuels This Winter October 8 , 1997

Argentina, Australia, UK Pioneer Electricity Industry Reform, Open Electricity Sectors to Foreign Investment October 20 , 1997

Colder Than Average Weather Fuels Greenhouse Gas Emissions Rise in 1996 October 20 , 1997

Participation Up in Voluntary Program To Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions October 24, 1997
September 1997
NOTE TO EDITORS September 2, 1997

Hydroelectric Generation Up at Electric Utilities, As Natural Gas Plant Output Drops in 1996  September 8, 1997

U.S. Natural Gas Reserves Up Again: 1996 Increase Marks 3-Year Trend  September 18, 1997

EIA Analyzes Oil Market for Clues to Changing Conditions September 19, 1997

Natural Gas Use Reaches Record Levels In Residential, Industrial Sectors September 26, 1997
August 1997
EIA Analyzes Spring Motor Gasoline Price Behavior; Forecasts Lower Prices to Continue through Labor Day August 5, 1997

EIA Sees Lower Gasoline Prices Continuing Despite Rise in Summer Gasoline Demand August 6, 1997

EIA Says Competition Likely to Lower Electricity Prices in Most Areas August 13, 1997

Minivans and Sport-Utility Vehicles Take Off August 15, 1997

Energy Conservation Measures Widespread, EIA Study Finds August 21, 1997
July 1997
EIA Anticipates Rise in Demand for Natural Gas July 7, 1997
June 1997
There were no EIA press releases in June
May 1997
U.S. Uranium Industry Continues Turnaround; EIA Reports Production, Employment Up in 1996 May 1, 1997

EIA Projects Developing Asia to Outstrip U.S. Energy Demand by 2005 May 6, 1997

Renewable Energy Expands Market Share in 1995 May 15, 1997

Administration Introduces One-Stop Federal Statistics Web Site (Press release from the Office of Management and Budget) May 22, 1997

EIA Begins Publication of Weekly Retail Diesel Prices For California, New England, Central Atlantic, and Lower Atlantic Regions May 28, 1997
April 1997
EIA Forecasts 1997 Summer Gasoline Prices Slightly Below Last Summer's Levels April 3, 1997
March 1997
Compliance Costs Low as Utilities Meet Clean Air Requirements: Lower Sulfer Coal, Emission Allowances Play Key Roles March 25, 1997
Febuary 1997 
Profits High for Major Energy Companies in 1995 Despite Near-Zero Return from Refining February 3, 1997

EIA Says Fuel Supplies Adequate With Assist from Warmer-than-Normal Weather February 5, 1997

EIA Resumes Semimonthly Dissemination of Residential Winter Fuels Prices February 12, 1997
January 1997
EIA Short-Term Outlook Projects Downtrend in Crude Oil Prices; Heating Fuel Prices Likely to Remain Above Last Year's Levels January 3, 1997

Projected Natural Gas Supplies Adequate Through 1997  January 3, 1997

States Test Giving Residential Natural Gas Customers Freedom to Choose Among Competing Sellers January 7, 1997

Move to Competition Raises Critical Issues For Electric Power Industry, Regulators January 27, 1997

U.S. Uranium Production up 5 Percent in 1996 January 31, 1997
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