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December 1999
Decrease in Electric Rates Greater in 1998 Than Previous Four Years Combined December 8, 1999

Renewable Portfolio Standards, Appliance Efficiency Standards Could Reduce Projected Carbon Emissions December 9, 1999

Competition is Causing a Surge in Electric Utility Mergers December 16, 1999
November 1999
Carbon Emissions Continue to Rise through 2020; Recent Surge in Oil Prices Should Moderate in Longer-term November 9, 1999

Average Household Energy Consumption Has Declined by 27 Percent Since 1978 November 18, 1999

Largest Oil Reserves Drop in Over 50 Years November 24, 1999
October 1999
Sharply Higher Heating Fuel Bills Likely This Winter October 6, 1999

NOTE TO EDITORS: EIA Web Site Recognized as One of the Best In Government October 21, 1999

U.S. Greenhouse Gas Emissions Growth Slows In 1998 October 26 , 1999
September 1999
Motorists Face Higher Labor Day Gasoline Prices Due to Stronger Crude Oil Markets September 2, 1999

Weather Assumptions Changed for EIA's Short-Term Energy Projections September 2, 1999

REPORT SUMMARY: Analysis of the Impacts of an Early Start for Compliance with the Kyoto Protocol September 3, 1999
August 1999
There were no EIA press releases in August
July 1999
As Fourth of July Weekend Approaches, Consumers See Only  Moderately Higher Gasoline Prices, Despite Rebound in Crude Oil  Markets July 1, 1999

Annual Energy Review Now Chronicles 50 Years of Changes in U.S. Energy July 7, 1999

New EIA Web Site Shows that Customer Choice Programs for Natural Gas Consumers Are Becoming More Widely Available but the Programs and Participation Levels Vary Considerably July 12, 1999
June 1999
Broader Participation Seen in Voluntary Reporting of Greenhouse  Gases Program June 1, 1999

Total Carbon Emissions from Fossil Fuels in 1998 Up Only Slightly Despite Strong Economic Growth: Weather Played an Important Role June 30, 1999
May 1999
Natural Gas Shippers Could Turn Back About 20 Percent of Firm  Transportation Capacity as Contracts May 3, 1999

Electric Utilities Pay Lowest Price for Petroleum Since 1976 May 4, 1999

A Dynamic Natural Gas Market is Poised To Exceed Previous Record  Consumption Levels And Could Grow Another 50% By 2020 May 7, 1999

EIA Reports Reclassification of Natural Gas in Underground Storage May 26, 1999
April 1999
Refinery Problems Push California Gasoline and Diesel  Fuel Prices Up Sharply, But Relief May Be In Sight April 8, 1999

REPORT SUMMARY: Analysis of the Climate Change Technology Initiative April 14, 1999

Comprehensive Worldwide Energy Data Confirm Slower Growth  Rates for World Energy Consumption, Production, and Carbon  Emissions in 1997 April 20, 1999
March 1999
Deeper Wells and Faster Project Development Marks Offshore Natural Gas Production March 8, 1999

U.S. Average Gasoline Prices Back Over $1 per Gallon March 23, 1999

EIA To Release International Energy Forecasts Out to 2020 March 26, 1999

Forecast of Worldwide Carbon Emissions is Lowered, But Continued Increase in Emissions Is Still Expected March 31, 1999
Febuary 1999 
There were no EIA press releases in February
January 1999
World Oil Prices Expected to Rise From Low December Levels January 8, 1999

Merger Activity Quadruples in the Natural Gas Industry January 12, 1999

Major U.S. Energy Companies Make Record Profits on Eve of 1998 Oil Price Collapse January 22, 1999
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