Legal Expense Fund Disclosures

What are Legal Expense Funds?

Legal expense funds are established to assist Members when: "the legal expenses arise in connection with: the individual's candidacy for or election to federal office; the individual's official duties or position in Congress (including legal expenses incurred in connection with an amicus brief file in a Member's official capacity, a civil action by a Member challenging the validity of a law or federal regulation, or a matter before the Committee on Standards of Official Conduct); a criminal prosecution; or a civil matter bearing on the individual's reputation or fitness for office." —Memorandum to Members from the House Committee on Standards of Official Conduct, June 10, 1996

A legal expense fund is set up as a trust and is administered by an independent trustee who oversees fundĀ­raising. Trust funds and quarterly reports of trust funds approved by the Committee on Standards of Official Conduct are filed with the Clerk 1 week after approval by the committee, for the current Congress and the previous two Congresses.

Obtain Documents

Public disclosure documents filed with the Clerk are available from:

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