Information for Girl Scouts

    NASA recognizes Girl Scouts earning the prestigious Gold Award. To receive a congratulatory letter and certificate from NASA’s Administrator commemorating this distinguished achievement, the Scout Leader, parent(s), or legal guardian(s) needs to provide the following information. Please submit only one request, as duplicate requests are not honored.

    Note: Service Temporarily Suspended.
    NASA encourages you to submit your request, and as soon as service resumes, your request will be processed. Please check back for updates.

    Full Name of the Girl Scout
    Full Name and Mailing Address to receive the letter and certificate.

    Mail your request to:

    Public Communications
    Suite 5K39
    NASA Headquarters
    Washington, DC 20546-0001

    Or submit your request online now via our Girl Scout Award Form.

    Overseas Scout: Scout Leader must submit the request on Scout letterhead via postal mail or fax.

Contact NASA

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    Public Communications Office
    NASA Headquarters
    Suite 5K39
    Washington, DC 20546-0001
    (202) 358-0001 (Office)
    (202) 358-4338 (Fax)

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    Please allow 10-15 business days for processing. For email inquiries, be sure to include a subject and do not include any attachments.

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