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Retirement Systems Modernization

Access to Information

As a part of this transformation, Federal employees and annuitants will be directly impacted through an online, self-service tool off of the new OPM retirement services website. This tool will provide Federal employees and annuitants the flexibility to make updates to their account immediately by going online, view retirement information and payments, and model retirement based on real-time, personal benefits information. These tools help to create a more efficient and effective retirement services for our customers. The new online access will offer the following features:

  1. Secure log-in and password;
  2. Ability to view and select retirement and benefits;
  3. Select enrollment;
  4. View annuity payment records;
  5. Model retirement options;
  6. Receive announcements about enrollment deadlines;
  7. Set-up direct deposit;
  8. And much more!

What does this new access to information mean for me?

Once fully deployed, the new tool will offer you a one stop online access to your retirement information.

As Agency Benefits Officers - Once your agency is live in the fully deployed solution, Agency Benefits Officers will have access to an administrative form of the online tool to further assist active Federal employees in retirement education, modeling, and retirement initiation.

As a Federal employee - You will be able to project your annual retirement income using various projected retirement dates.. You will be able to save and compare projections to make the best retirement decisions for you! Agency Benefits Officers will continue to act as your first line for information on retirement and benefits as you make decisions and begin the initiation process.

As Annuitants - you can access annuity payment information and a record of payment history online. Annuitants will be able to use multiple channels to access retirement and benefit information including online access, via phone, by mail, or in person. OPM is committed to providing multi channel access to provide the best information as quickly as possible.