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Retirement Systems Modernization


RSM Implementation Timeline

The RSM Program will go live in a series of 5 waves for active Federal employees beginning in February 2008 with the General Services Administration (GSA) Shared Service Center.  United States Postal Service (USPS) service center or Wave 2 is scheduled to follow in May 2008, National Business Center (NBC), or Wave 3,  in August 2008, National Finance Center (NFC), Wave 4, in November 2008, and Department of Defense (DOD), Wave 5, in February 2009.  Other agencies who are not serviced a Shared Service Center specified above will migrate to the new retirement system in Waves 3-5.  Annuitants will migrate to the new system in the August 2008 timeframe.

Migration Wave Key
Wave 1 - General Services Administration (GSA)
Wave 2- United States Postal Service (USPS)
Wave 3- National Business Center (NBC)
Wave 4- National Finance Center (NFC)
Wave 5- Department of Defense (DOD)
Wave 3-5 - Other (Agencies not under a Shared Service Center)
Annuitants - Annuitants who retired prior to wave Go-Live
What does Go-Live mean?

Wave Go-Live indicates the schedule whereby Shared Service Center, independent agency, and annuitant data will be migrated into the new system. The process of migrating to RSM requires a significant data effort on the part of the Agency, Shared Service Centers, and OPM. The transition to the new solution will be in a phased approach to enable the data cleansing efforts to continue and continued testing of the technology solution.

When fully operational the goals of the solution are to:

  • Process claims more efficiently
  • Provide full retirement benefits on the first day it's due
  • Increase access to your personal retirement information