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flowerWorking in collaboration with the National Institutes of Health and other Department of Health and Human Services agencies, FDA has developed science-based informational materials on its latest guidance on menopausal hormone therapies (estrogens and estrogens with progestins), and is working closely with women's health organizations, community-based organizations, and other experts to get this information out to women and health-care providers.

Read the Press Release about the Campaign (Sept. 9, 2003)

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Therapy Radio Spots (Sept. 17, 2003):

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Should you take hormones for menopause? Get the facts about the benefits and risks.

More Information

Menostar Approved for Postmenopausal Women (6-8-2004)
(Search for "Menostar")

WHI Estrogen-Alone Trial to Be Studied by FDA (3-2-2004)

Hormone Therapy Information Updated (2-10-2004)

New Labeling for Estrogen/Progestin Products (1-8-2003):


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