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Since fiscal year 2001, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has awarded approximately $270.3 million in Real Choice Systems Change (RCSC) Grants for Community Living to 50 States, the District of Columbia, and two U.S. territories.  In all, 332 grants have been awarded during the seven funding cycles.  These grants have provided funding that has enabled States and non-profit agencies build infrastructure that has resulted in effective and enduring improvements in community-integrated services and long-term support systems.  The infrastructure that has been developed enables individuals of all ages to live in the most integrated community setting suited to their medical needs, have meaningful choices about their living arrangements, and exercise more control over the services they receive.

With this support, States are continuing to address issues such as personal assistance services, direct service worker shortages, transitions from institutions to the community, respite service for caregivers and family members, improve quality in home and community-based services, develop best practices, improve processes for person centered planning, develop resource centers to obtain information on available services, and improve linkages of appropriate and affordable housing with support services.  This grant program is also funding 18 Comprehensive Systems Transformation grants that are designed to create better systems of care by breaking down internal barriers to home and community-based services by developing infrastructure to create enduring systems transformation.

In support of the RCSC grants implementation, CMS has also developed national technical assistance strategies to support States efforts to improve community-based service systems.  CMS is also providing support to States with a "What's New" web page, displaying the latest events/announcements under the RCSC program.  

RCSC 2007 Award Summary [PDF 20 kb]

Executive Summary of System & Impact Research & TA for FY05 - FY07 RCSC Grants [PDF 435kb]
(full annual report is located on the What's New Page)

SUMMARY: State Profile Tool Grants [PDF 43kb]

Summary Report for RCSC Grants: Independence Plus Grantees [PDF 1.5M]

Summary Report for RCSC Grants: Money Follows the Person [PDF 568k]  

 Summary Report for RCSC Grants: Money Follows the Person [ZIP 617]

Summary Report for RCSC Grants: Family to Family Information & Education Centers [PDF 982kb]

COMPENDIUM: Systems Change for Community Living 6th ed.[PDF, 2M]

Annual Real Choice Systems Change Report [PDF, 1.6m]

Nursing Facility Transition Summary Report [PDF 688kb]

Money Follows the Person Initiative of the Systems Change Grantees [PDF 558kb]

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