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What is the Dispute Resolution Program (DRP)?

The DRP is a Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS)-facilitated alternative dispute resolution process. CMS' DRP Team provides mediation and program clarification to assist manufacturers and states in identifying and resolving Medicaid drug rebate disputes. CMS staff developed and implemented the DRP to address the problem of unpaid and disputed rebates. Within CMS, organizational responsibility for the DRP resides in the Finance, Systems and Budget Group in the Center for Medicaid and State Operations. The Central Office Team Lead is Sue Gaston and Diane Dunstan, in the Denver Regional Office (RO), is the Lead RO DRP coordinator.

How does the DRP Process Work?

All state specific DRP related issues should be directed to the individual RO DRP coordinator (see the Regional Office DRP Coordinator link below). That RO coordinator may handle the issue independently or, if necessary, may confer with Diane for direction. Regardless of who handles the DRP issues, Diane and Central Office should be copied on all activities. Many times the same issues arise in several region's states and we have found that the DRP team can better identify whether an issue is unique to a particular state or is more widespread. If Diane receives a DRP issue directly, she will forward it to the appropriate RO coordinator and copy Central Office. If Central Office receives a DRP issue, we will copy Diane and forward it directly to the RO coordinator for necessary action.


Background and History of the Dispute Resolution Program [PDF, 12KB]

Regional Office DRP Coordinators [PDF, 27KB]

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