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Watch Page Tour Jan 18 '09
Latest News
President Bush

Charles Dharapak, AP

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Takes Its Toll

Bush Really Aged in Oval Office
See How Young He Looked in 2001

Fox Anchor Arrested in Florida
Mug Shot Shows Bloodied Face



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Top News Sun Jan 18 14:54:06 EST 2009 as of Sun Jan 18 14:54:06 EST 2009

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So That's the Trick to Pretty Red Lips

Love the idea of bright lipstick but hate the way it ends up looking? Carmindy reveals the first thing to do -- and all you need is a piece of paper. Click through to see how it's done in photos.
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Mat Swajkos for AOL
http://www.stylelist.com/mm_track/photo gallery/aol.com/?s_channel=us.style&s_account=aolstylist,aolsvc&omni=1&ke=1

Finance News

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CatNeighbors From Hell
How would you like your neighbor's cats destroying your property? Or cutting down your hedges or laying out naked? Unbelievable Bad Neighbor Stories
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'I Had Nothing to Hide'

Week's Best Morning TV

Roy Kronk Shares His Side

Man Found Caylee's Body

Was Praised at First, Now Past Arrest Stirs Questions

Entertainment News

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Different Strokes'Diff'rent Strokes' Now & Then
See which star allegedly ran over a fan with a truck and who currently voices a character on 'Spongebob.' Cast Today
Midseason TV: 21 Faces to Watch
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Rich FranklinBloody End to UFC 93
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