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Labor-Management Relations: Index of Decisions
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Department of Veterans Affairs, Eisenhower VA Medical Center, Eastern Kansas Healthcare System, Leavenworth, Kansas and Local 1765, National Federation of Federal Employees, Federal District 1, IAM&AW, AFL-CIO, Case No, 99 FSIP 144, January 7, 2000 (Release No. 428).

The UNION proposed the following:

All parking included in the January 29, 1996, MOU agreement will remain in effect except for physician parking. All physician parking will remain the same except with the following changes: 1. Two spaces in front of the GMS Hospital next to the 1-hour open parking will now be Union parking (NFFE Local 1765) with appropriate signs. 2. Thirty parking spaces will remain designated Physician (NFFE Local 1765 bargaining unit physicians) Parking. 3. The remaining 17 parking spaces will be returned to open parking for all employees.

The AGENCY proposed the following:

The Employer will provide suitable parking space for bargaining-unit employees, while at the same time providing parking space for others who have business at the facility, including patients, families of patients, non-bargaining unit VA employees, contractors, vendors, consultants, volunteers and visitors. Following negotiation with the Union, the specific locations of parking for bargaining-unit employees will be implemented appropriately and fairly.

The PANEL ordered the parties to adopt the AGENCY's proposal.


Department of Health and Human Services, National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, Maryland and Local 2419, American Federation of Government Employees, AFL-CIO, Case No. 00 FSIP 123, December 22, 2000 (Release No. 437).

The AGENCY asked the Panel to order the Union to withdraw its proposal for a reserved parking space because of limited parking and the lack of available space to reserve solely for Union use.

The UNION proposed the following:

The AFGE local will be allowed one (1) reserved parking space in a parking area loading dock nearest the Union office or other location mutually agreed upon by the parties that is reasonable similarly situated. This space will be for the sole use of the Union and its officials, and its visitors.

The PANEL order the parties to adopt the following modified version of the UNION's proposal:

The AFGE will receive one (1) reserved space in the parking area loading dock nearest the Union office, if available. If no parking space is available in this area, the Employer will provide the Union with a reserved parking space in a mutually agreeable location nearest to the Union office. This space will be for the sole use of the Union and its officials. Any disagreements regarding this matter will be addressed through the grievance/arbitration procedure.

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