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Department of the Air Force, 911th Airlift Wing, Coraopolis, Pennsylvania and Local 2316, American Federation of Government Employees, AFL-CIO, Case No. 99 FSIP 54, August 3, 1999 (Release No. 423).

The AGENCY proposed that--

[T]he Union be afforded space of at least 16" x 20" of each existing official civilian bulletin board, but not less than one in each division; the location of the space would be designated by the Employer. All "material presented on the civilian bulletin boards will be approved by the Employer or his designated representative." Concerning Union office space, subject to availability, the Employer would provide such space to the Union "at $100 a month and reimbursement for utilities." The space would be included in the Employer's maintenance contract and any renovation contracts "consistent with other offices located in the same building," but any facility modifications at the Union's expense would be contingent upon the Employer's approval. Finally, the Union could request excess replacement furniture before it is shipped out by the Employer; however, it would not be permitted to "use Government supplies, equipment, vehicles, or property for Union business unless specifically authorized to do so in writing."

The UNION proposed that--

[I]t . . . be afforded one official bulletin board, of at least 24" x 30", for each division, normally located at the same areas as the official civilian bulletin boards "unless the Union designated another location." Posted material would not be subject to the Employer's approval, but would be clearly identified as Union issuances, and "shall not contain material that is scurrilous, libelous, or unlawful." Office space would continue as currently provided; any Employer-sponsored changes in the location of the Union's office space would be negotiated prior to implementation. The Union office would be renovated with the addition of new or used furniture, carpeting, and painting "to bring it up to the levels commensurate with other administrative offices base wide;" other "facilities," including telephone, fax line, and computer capabilities, also would continue as currently provided. When official facilities described in the article are used, the Union would bear sole responsibility for maintaining them in good order. Finally, the Employer would be required to provide the Union with: (1) a fax machine, a personal computer with standard software, programs and capabilities compatible with the most current technology in use by other departments (e.g., Powerpoint and spreadsheet programs), a laser printer, access to Internet services and e-mail, official time for training to use these programs, and a photocopies, all of which may be provided with new or used; (2) the use of Agency metered mail for representational matters (but not mass mailings); and (3) copies of all Air Force Civilian personnel regulations, with supplements or changes, and the Federal Personnel Manual, Code of Federal Regulations, Air Force Directives, Circulars and Handbooks, personnel manuals, and classification and qualification standards.

The PANEL ordered the parties to adopt the following wording:

1. The Union will be afforded a portion of each official civilian bulletin board and their locations are as recorded at the Civilian Personnel Office and will not be less than one for each division. Material presented on the civilian bulletin boards will not be subject to approval by the Employer, however, the Union agrees that all such material will be clearly identified as Union issuances and shall not contain material that is scurrilous, libelous, or unlawful. Location of Union authorized space on the civilian bulletin board will be designated by the Employer and shall whenever possible be a space 16" by 20".

2. The Employer will, within the limit of base resources, continue to provide the Union, upon request, a meeting room to conduct Union meetings. The location, size, and visual aids to direct persons to the office will be determined by the Employer. A Union representative is entitled to reasonable privacy in the immediate work area of an employee whom he/she is having discussions authorized by the terms of the agreement.

3. The Employer will continue to provide the Union such office space as has previously been provided. If during the term of this agreement it becomes necessary for the Employer to propose a change to the location of the Union's office space, the Union will be afforded advance notice and the Employer will negotiate upon request of the Union prior to implementing any such change. The Union office will be renovated with the addition of new or used furniture, carpeting and painting to bring it up to levels commensurate with other administrative offices base wide. Union office space will also be provided with upkeep as regular contract maintenance performs base wide. Other facilities, including telephone line, fax line, and computer capabilities will continue as previously provided.

4. The Union may request the use of base facilities. The approval of such a request will be in accordance with appropriate regulations and governing guidelines and established policies of the Base Command.

5. When official facilities described in this Article are used, the Union is solely responsible for maintaining the facility in good order.


Environmental Protection Agency, Region 2, New York, New York and Local 3911, American Federation of Government Employees, AFL-CIO, Case No. 99 FSIP 69, September 30, 1999 (Release No. 425).

The AGENCY proposed that the Union retain its existing space at its New York City office and be given priority use on the adjacent conference room.

The UNION proposed that it retain the existing space at the New York City office and be granted exclusive right to use the adjacent conference room. At the Edison, New Jersey, and Puerto Rico facilities, it would reserve conference room space in the same manner as other employees and non-work groups.

The PANEL ordered the parties to adopt the UNION's proposal.


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