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Department of the Treasury, Internal Revenue Service, Brooklyn District Office, Brooklyn, New York and Chapter 53, National Treasury Employees Union, Case No. 98 FSIP 121, January 29, 1999 (Release No. 417).

The UNION proposed that the AGENCY make every reasonable effort to get the General Services Administration (GSA) to comply with the parties' agreement concerning noise abatement for printers within 45 calendar days.

The AGENCY proposed that the parties Memorandum of Understanding should not include language that required it to ensure GSA's cooperation in the implementation of the agreement.

The PANEL ordered the parties to adopt the following modified version of the AGENCY's proposal:

In the event that the assistance of the General Services Administration (GSA) is needed to procure and/or install acoustical screens, and/or relocate the printers to the agreed upon areas, management will make every reasonable effort to secure GSA action within 45 calendar days.


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