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Department of the Treasury, Internal Revenue Service, Western Area Distribution Center, Rancho Cordova, California and Chapter 239, National Treasury Employees Union, Case No. 99 FSIP 121, October 25, 1999 (Release No. 425).

The UNION proposed that the current contract language remain in effect with a performance rating of 4.1 or greater receiving a performance award.

The AGENCY proposed the use of a percentage system with no know cutoff.

ARBITRATOR Bonnie P. Castrey ordered the adoption of the UNION's proposal.


Department of the Treasury, Bureau of Engraving and Printing, Washington, D.C. and Chapter 201, National Treasury Employees Union, Case No. 99 FSIP 96, November 24, 1999 (Release No. 426).

The UNION proposed the following:

A time-off award is time off work without charge to leave. A time-off award is intended to recognize employees who demonstrate the following types of achievement: 1. Making a high-quality contribution involving a difficult or important project or assignment; 2. Displaying special initiative and skill in completing an assignment or project before the deadline; [and] 3. Ensuring that the mission of the Bureau is accomplished during a difficult period by successfully completing additional work on a project assignment while maintaining the employee's own workload.

The AGENCY had no counterproposal.

The PANEL ordered the parties to adopt the UNION's proposal.


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