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Energy Basics 101
Basic Data by Fuel

Petroleum (2007)
Gallons of Oil per Barrel
U.S. Crude Oil Production

5,064,000 barrels/day

U.S. Crude Oil Imports

10,031,000 barrels/day

Top U.S. Crude Oil Supplier
Canada - 1,888,000 barrels/day
Top U.S. Petroleum Supplier
Canada - 2,455,000 barrels/day
U.S. Petroleum Consumption

20,687,000 barrels/day

Dependence on Net Petroleum Imports 
Crude Oil Domestic First Price
Regular Grade Motor Gasoline Retail Prices
$2.80/gallon (U.S. city average)
U.S. Average Home Heating Oil Price
$2.59/gallon (excluding taxes)
U.S. Proved Reserves of Crude Oil
20,972 million barrels
U.S. Strategic Petroleum Reserve
697 million barrels
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Natural Gas (2007)
U.S. Production (Dry Production) 19,278 billion cubic feet
U.S. Consumption 23,056 billion cubic feet
U.S. Imports 4,608 billion cubic feet
U.S. Exports 822 billion cubic feet
Wellhead Price 6.39 $/thousand cubic feet
Average City Gate Price 8.11 $/thousand cubic feet
Top Producing State (2006) Texas
Top U.S. Gas Field (2006) 1.381 trillion cubic feet (San Juan Basin Gas Area)
State Ranking of Prices 1st - Hawaii - 34.05 dollars/thousand cubic feet
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Electricity (2006)
U.S. Production (Net Generation) 4,064,702 million kilowatthours
U.S. Electric Utility Production (Net Generation) 2,483,656 million kilowatthours
U.S. Consumption (Retail Sales) 3,816,845 million kilowatthours
Number of Electric Generating Units 16,924
Average Residential Monthly Use 920 kwh (kilowatthour)
Average Residential Monthly Bill $95.66
Largest Utility Plants by Capacity Grand Coulee (Hydro) - 7,079 megawatts
State Electricity Price Rankings Highest - Hawaii 20.72 cents/kwh       Lowest - Idaho 4.92 cents/kwh
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Coal (2006)
U.S. Production

1,162.8 million short tons

U.S. Consumption
1,112.3 million short tons
U.S. Year-End Coal Stocks
187 million short tons
Average Open Market Sales Price
$25.16 per ton
Largest Producing State

Wyoming 446.7 million short tons

Average Number of Employees/Miners


World Coal Production
(2007 Estimate)
7,036.3 million short tons
Largest Producing Country
(2007 Estimate)
2.8 billion short tons
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Nuclear (2006)
Total Operable Reactors U.S. - 104; World - 443
Nuclear % of Electricity Generation 19.4
Nuclear % of Electric Capacity 10.2
Largest U.S. Nuclear Plant Palo Verde - 3,733 megawatts (3 units)
Fuel Cost: nuclear vs. fossil steam 0.49 cents/kwh vs. 2.32 cents/kwh
Number of States with Commercial Nuclear Plants 31
States with Most Commercial Nuclear Plants Illinois - 6; Pennsylvania - 5
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Energy Prices & Expenditures 2006
Total Energy Price/Expenditure


Natural Gas  


Energy Consumption 2006
Total Energy Consumption


Natural Gas




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