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Antimicrobial Resistance & Drug Development
FDA/IDSA/ISAP Working Group Presentations and Transcripts


April 15, 2004 Transcript [Text or Word]
April 16, 2004 Transcript [Text or Word]

PowerPoint Presentations are listed below in the order presented.

April 15, 2004

W. Mike Scheld, M.D.  [PowerPoint or HTML]
Edward M. Cox, M.D  [PowerPoint or HTML]
George Talbot, M.D.  [PowerPoint or HTML]
Mark J. Goldberger, M.D., M.P.H.  [PowerPoint or HTML]
Sheldon L. Kaplan, M.D.  [PowerPoint or HTML]
Barry Eisenstein, M.D. [PowerPoint or HTML]
John H. Powers, M.D. [PowerPoint or HTML]
Ralph Corey, M.D. [PowerPoint or HTML]
Timothy J. Henkel, M.D., Ph.D.  [PowerPoint or HTML]
David Ross, M.D, Ph.D..  [PowerPoint or HTML]

April 16, 2004

John Lazor, Pharm.D.  [PowerPoint or HTML]
William A. Craig, M.D.  [PowerPoint or HTML]
John H. Powers, M.D.  [PowerPoint or HTML]
David R. Andes, M.D.  [PowerPoint or HTML]
Lisa Benincosa, Ph.D  [PowerPoint or HTML]
Chuck Bonapace, Pharm.D.  [PowerPoint or HTML]
George L. Drusano, M.D.  [PowerPoint or HTML]
Dennis M. Grasela, Pharm.D., Ph.D.  [PowerPoint or HTML]
Frank Pelsor, Pharm.D.  [PowerPoint or HTML]
Harmut Derendorf, Ph.D.  [PowerPoint or HTML]
Greg Winchell, M.D.  [PowerPoint or HTML]
Jenny J. Zheng, Ph.D.  [PowerPoint or HTML]


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Date created: May 7, 2004

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