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International Energy Outlook 2008           

The International Energy Outlook 2008 (IEO2008) presents an assessment by the Energy Information Administration (EIA) of the outlook for international energy markets through 2030. U.S. projections appearing in IEO2008 are consistent with those published in EIA’s Annual Energy Outlook 2008 (AEO2008), which was prepared using the National Energy Modeling System (NEMS).

  Errata as of 10/20/08
Chapter 1. World Energy Demand and Economic Outlook
Chapter 2. Liquid Fuels
Special Topic:
     Defining the Limites of Oil Production
Chapter 3. Natural Gas
Chapter 4. Coal
Chapter 5. Electricity
Special Topics:
     Mid-Term Prospects for Nuclear Electricity Generation in China, India, and the United States
     Uranium Supplies Are Sufficient To Power Reactors Worldwide Through 2030
Chapter 6. Transportation Sector Energy Consumption
Chapter 7. Energy-Related Carbon Dioxide Emissions
Special Topic:
     What Will It Take To Stabilize Carbon Dioxide Concentrations?
Projection Tables
xls images Reference Case
xls images High Economic Growth Case
xls images Low Economic Growth Case
xls images High Price Case
xls images Low Price Case
xls images Reference Case Projections by End-Use Sector and Country Grouping
xls images Projections of Liquid Fuels and Other Petroleum Productions in Five Cases
xls images Reference Case Projections for Electricity Capacity and Generation by Fuel
Graphic Data
xls images
xls images World Energy Demand and Economic Outlook
xls images Liquid Fuels
xls images Natural Gas
xls images Coal
xls images Electricity
xls images Transportation Sector Energy Consumption
xls images Energy-Related Carbon Dioxide Emissions
  Appendix I. Comparisons with International Energy Agency and IEO2007 Projections
  Appendix J. Models Used To Generate the IEO2008 Projections
  Appendix K. Regional Definitions


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