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Teaching Our Documents

A National History Day Lesson Competition for Educators

Communication in History

Again this year, NHD is offering an opportunity for history, social studies, civics, and government teachers to develop document-based lesson plans for national awards and distribution. Teaching Our Documents: A Lesson Competition for Educators invites teachers to develop and test a classroom lesson focusing on one or several of the 100 Milestone Documents in United States history. Lessons should engage students in a meaningful examination of the documents within their historical context. Awards will be announced at the annual National History Day national competition, June 12–16, 2005, at the University of Maryland at College Park. Teachers should adhere to the following guidelines in preparing for the Our Documents teacher competition.

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Contest Rules:

I. Participation

II. Lesson Content

III. Lesson Format

Your lesson must follow the following format:

Please be sure to attach a cover sheet with your home and school contact information, including home address and phone number, and school name, address and phone number, and your email address.

IV. Lesson Success

V. Awards

Awards will be presented to teachers in elementary, middle and high schools for the Outstanding Document Lesson related to Communication in History.

Mail your lesson by March 30, 2005 to:

Teaching Our Documents
National History Day
0119 Cecil Hall
University of Maryland
College Park, MD 20742

(Please remember to include your contact information as described in Part III.)

Results of the 2004 Teaching Our Documents Educator Competition:

Additional Results from the 2004 National History Day Competition

Webcast of the 2004 National History Day Competition

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