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Understanding Our Documents:
A Competition for Students

Discover...investigate...participate in National History Day!

By participating in the Our Documents National History Day competition for students, you can't lose. Show your creativity by making history come alive in an exhibit, documentary, paper, or performance. By producing one of these projects, you have all kinds of opportunities to win awards and scholarships, as well as a unique chance to explore the documents that shaped our nation. Students are invited to enter the Our Documents contest by using one or more of the milestone documents in projects related to this year’s National History Day Theme, Communication in History.

If you are in grades 6-12, you may enter the Our Documents National History Day Contest in either the junior (grades 6-8) or senior (grades 9-12) divisions. You could represent your state at the National Contest! Winners of the National History Day/Our Documents Competition will be announced at the national contest to be held at the University of Maryland at College Park, June 12-16, 2005. For more information on National History Day, visit the NHD website

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Results of the 2004 Understanding Our Documents Student Competition:

Additional Results from the 2004 National History Day Competition

Webcast of the 2004 National History Day Competition

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