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“As the Treasury Secretary, my goal is to promote the conditions for American prosperity and economic growth – this Administration is working to keep our economy strong for our workers, our families, and our businesses.” - Secretary Henry M. Paulson, Jr.

74th Secretary of the Treasury
Henry M. Paulson, Jr. was sworn into office as the Secretary of the Treasury on July 10, 2006. As Treasury Secretary, Paulson is the President's leading policy advisor on a broad range of domestic and international economic issues. See Secretary Paulson's complete biography.

Statements and Remarks

01/07/2009 Remarks on the Role of GSEs in Supporting the Housing Recovery
12/02/2008 Remarks on U.S.-China Economic Relations
12/01/2008 Remarks on the U.S. Economy and Financial System
11/25/2008 Remarks on Consumer ABS Lending Facility
11/24/2008 Statement on Geithner Nomination
11/20/2008 Remarks at the Reagan Library
11/14/2008 Statement on Release of Final CFIUS Regulations
11/12/2008 Remarks on Financial Rescue Package and Economic Update
11/06/2008 Statement on Transition
10/22/2008 Statement on the BSAAG Plenary
10/21/2008 Remarks on China and the Global Economy
10/12/2008 Statement at Development Committee Meeting
10/11/2008 Statement at the IMFC Meeting
10/10/2008 Statement Following Fall G7 Meeting
10/08/2008 Statement on Financial Markets Update
10/03/2008 Statement on Emergency Economic Stabilization Act
09/19/2008 Paulson Statement on Comprehensive Approach to Market Developments
09/07/2008 Statement on Treasury and FHFA Action to Protect Financial Markets and Taxpayers
07/22/2008 Remarks on Reinforcing Market Stability and Confidence at the New York Public Library
07/16/2008 Statement on Industry Disclosure Initiative
07/08/2008 Remarks on U.S. Housing Market before FDIC's Forum on Mortgage Lending
07/07/2008 Statement on SEC, Federal Reserve Memorandum of Understanding
07/02/2008 Remarks on U.S., World Economy & Markets Before Chatham House
06/19/2008 Remarks on Economy and Markets
06/10/2008 Remarks at Carnegie on Fourth Meeting of the U.S.-China SED
06/02/2008 Remarks on Open Investment Before U.S.-UAE Business Council
05/20/2008 Statement on Senate Housing Legislation
05/20/2008 Statement on Resignation of Executive Director of the IDB Bank Boyer
05/16/2008 Remarks Before Washington Post 200 Lunch
05/08/2008 Remarks on the Economic Stimulus
04/15/2008 Opening Remarks at Release of PWG Private Sector Committees’ Best Practices
04/13/2008 Development Committee Statement
04/12/2008 IMFC Statement
04/11/2008 Statement Following Meeting of G7 Finance Ministers And Central Bank Governors
04/10/2008 Statement on House Trade Vote
04/07/2008 Remarks at Inaugural Session of IDB Annual Meeting
04/02/2008 Paulson Remarks on Energy and the Environment
03/31/2008 Remarks on the Blueprint for Regulatory Reform
03/26/2008 Remarks on Current Financial and Housing Markets

Statement on GSE, OFHEO Agreement to Inject Liquidity into Mortgage Markets

03/13/2008 Remarks on Recommendations from the PWG
03/03/2008 Remarks Before the National Association of Business Economists
02/29/2008 Statement on Andean Trade Preference Act Signing
02/28/2008 Comments on Economy and Housing
02/28/2008 Statement on First Stimulus Payment Notice
02/19/2008 Statement on HOPE NOW Adoption of Project Lifeline
02/12/2008 Statement on New Private Sector Effort to Reach Homeowners Facing Foreclosure
02/07/2008 Statement on Senate Passage of the Economic Growth Package
01/31/2008 Statement on EITC Awareness Day
01/30/2008 Remarks on the Economy
01/29/2008 Statement on House Passage of Economic Growth Legislation
01/23/2008 Statement on Executive Order Concerning Foreign Investment in the United States
01/22/2008 Remarks on the Economy
01/18/2008 Statement on HOPE NOW Progress Report
01/07/2008 Remarks on Housing and Capital Markets
12/19/2007 Statement on Final Passage of AMT Patch
12/18/2007 Statement on Passage of Mortgage Debt Forgiveness Bill
12/18/2007 Remarks at Housing Town Hall Meeting in Stockton
12/18/2007 Remarks on Housing at Kansas City Town Hall Meeting
12/17/2007 Remarks at Housing Townhall Meeting in Orlando
12/14/2007 Statement on IDA Replenishment
12/13/2007 Transcript of SED Press Conference
12/05/2007 Remarks on Maintaining Forward Momentum in U.S.-China Economic Relations
12/06/2007 Statement on Framework to Help Preserve Communities by Preventing Foreclosures
12/04/2007 Statement on Passage of Peru Free Trade Agreement
12/03/2007 Remarks on Actions Taken, Actions Needed in Mortgage Markets
11/21/2007 Statement on Intent to Nominate IRS Commissioner
11/20/2007 Statement on Appointment of Tillman as FMS Commissioner
11/20/2007 Statement on Retirement of FMS Commissioner Papaj
11/20/2006 Remarks on Competitiveness of U.S. Capital Markets
11/18/2007 Statement at the G-20 in South Africa
11/16/2007 Remarks on Change and Progress in Africa’s Economic Development
11/09/2007 Statement on AMT Delay and Need to Help Homeowners
11/08/2007 Remarks on U.S.-China Economic Relations
11/08/2007 Statement on Peru Free Trade Agreement
10/31/2007 Remarks Following HOPE Now Meeting
10/29/2007 Remarks at the US-India CEO Forum in Mumbai
10/28/2007 Statement After Meeting with Bhattacharjee in Kolkata
10/28/2007 Statement After Meeting with Smartcard Recipients in Kolkata
10/25/2007 Statement on Chairman Rangel's Tax Proposals
10/25/2007 Statement on Iran Designations
10/24/2007 Remarks on the Economic Power and Promise of India
10/23/2007 Remarks on US-China Economic Relations
10/22/2007 Plenary Remarks at Annual IMF/WB Meetings
10/21/2007 Development Committee Statement
10/20/2007 IMFC Statement
10/19/2007 Statement following G7 Mtg - Washington, DC
10/16/2007 Remarks on Current Housing and Mortgage Market Developments
10/10/2007 Statement on New Private Sector Alliance
10/02/2007 Remarks at Iftaar Dinner
10/02/2007 Remarks on Advisory Committee on the Auditing Profession
09/28/2007 Statement on the Debt Limit
09/27/2007 Remarks at the Major Economies Meeting
09/24/2007 Statement on First in Series of Treasury Social Security Papers
09/21/2007 Remarks on U.S.-Canada Income Tax Treaty
09/14/2007 Remarks in Chicago on International Trade and Investment
08/03/2007 Remarks at Idaho Quarter Celebration
07/26/2007 Statement on Foreign Investment
06/14/2007 Remorks on Protecting Our National Security
06/12/2007 Remarks on Supporting Small Business in the Americas
06/05/2007 Remarks on China and the Strategic Economic Dialogue
05/10/2007 Transcript of Remarks at Forum on International Investment
04/26/2007 Remarks at Screening of Alexander Hamilton Movie
04/23/2007 Statement on Social Security and Medicare Trustees Reports
04/15/2007 Statement before IMF/World Bank Development Committee
04/15/2007 Statement Following Meeting of the G7 – Washington, DC
04/14/2007 Statement before IMF Committee
03/19/2007 Remarks at Annual Meeting of the Inter-American Development Bank - Guatemala
03/15/2006 Statement on Senate Budget Committee Passage of Budget Resolution
03/13/2007 Closing Remarks at Capital Markets Conference
03/13/2007 Opening Remarks at Capital Markets Conference
03/07/2007 Remarks on The Growth and Future of China’s Markets
03/01/2007 Remarks on Trade and the Economy
02/10/2007 Statement Following Meeting of the G7 – Essen, Germany
01/29/2007 Remarks at Roundtable Discussion on Economy
01/11/2007 Remarks at Treasury Ribbon Cutting Ceremony
12/15/2006 Statement at SED Press Conference
12/15/2006 Closing Remarks at SED
12/13/2006 Opening Remarks at SED
12/13/2006 Introductory Remarks at SED
12/11/2006 Remarks at OTS Housing Forum
11/28/2006 Remarks at Confederation of British Industry Annual Conference
10/17/2006 Remarks at Iftaar Dinner
10/12/2006 Joint Statement with OMB on FY06 Budget Results
09/21/2006 Press Briefing Transcript following Launch of SED - Beijing
09/16/2006 Statement Following Meeting of the G7 – Singapore
09/13/2006 Remarks on The International Economy
09/08/2006 Statement at APEC Finance Ministers Meeting - Hanoi, Vietnam
08/07/2006 Joint Statement with Commerce Dept on Colombia
08/01/2006 Remarks on The U.S. and Global Economy

Testimony before Congress

11/18/2008 Testimony on Implementation of the EESA- House Committee on Financial Services
09/24/2008 Testimony on Turmoil in U.S. Credit Markets - House Committee on Financial Services
09/23/2008 Testimony on Turmoil in U.S. Credit Markets - Senate Banking Committee
07/15/2008 GSE Initiatives - Senate Banking Committee
07/10/2008 Regulatory Reform - House Financial Services Committee
04/10/2008 FY 09 International Programs Budget - House Appropriations Subcommittee on State, Foreign Operations and Related Programs
03/05/2008 FY09 Treasury Dept Budget - Senate Appropriations Subcommittee on Financial Services and General Government
03/05/2008 FY09 Treasury Dept Budget - House Appropriations Subcommittee on Financial Services and General Government
02/14/2008 Economy and Financial Markets – Senate Banking Committee
02/13/2008 FY09 Budget - House Budget Committee
02/07/2008 FY09 Budget - House Ways and Means Committee
02/06/2008 FY09 Budget - Senate Budget Committee
02/05/2008 FY09 Budget - Senate Finance Committee
09/20/2007 Options for Minimizing and Mitigating Mortgage Foreclosures - House Financial Services Committee
06/20/2007 State of the International Financial System - House Financial Services Committee
04/18/2007 Tax Gap - Senate Finance Committee
03/28/2007 FY08 Treasury Dept Budget - Senate Appropriations Subcommittee on Financial Services and General Government
03/28/2007 FY08 Treasury Dept Budget - House Appropriations Subcommittee on Financial Services and General Government
02/08/2007 FY08 Budget - Senate Budget Committee
02/07/2007 FY08 Budget - House Budget Committee
02/06/2007 FY08 Budget - House Ways and Means Committee
01/31/2007 Report on Exchange Rate Policies – Senate Banking Committee

Secretary Paulson’s Travels

06/29/2008 Russia, Germany, UK
05/30/2008 Saudi Arabia, Qatar, United Arab Emirates
05/08/2008 Kansas City
03/27/2008 China
02/09/2008 Tokyo
01/07/2008 New York City
12/14/2007 Florida, Missouri and California
12/07/2007 China
11/09/2007 Africa
10/26/2007 India
09/19/2007 Canada
09/14/2007 Paris & London
09/11/2007 Chicago
08/01/2007 Montana
07/24/2007 China
07/02/2007 Brazil, Uruguay and Chile
05/08/2007 St. Louis
04/30/2007 Mexico City
03/19/2007 Guatemala and Peru
03/01/2007 Tokyo, Seoul, Beijing and Shanghai
11/21/2006 London
11/16/2006 New York City
08/09/2006 Chicago
07/28/2006 New York City

Last Updated: January 8, 2009

Photo: Secretary Paulson shown here in his first day in office provides his signature for the Bureau of Engraving and Printing – the Treasury agency responsible for printing all of the nation’s currency.

Secretary Paulson shown here in his first day in office provides his signature for the Bureau of Engraving and Printing – the Treasury agency responsible for printing all of the nation’s currency.

Photo: Secretary Paulson testifying on Capitol Hill.

Secretary Paulson testifying on Capitol Hill.


Secretary’s Upcoming Events/Travel

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Economic Stabilization Act

U.S. - China Strategic Economic Dialogue

Keeping The U.S. Economy Growing: Open Markets, Investment & Trade 
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