Tools for Educators

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Download the Teacher Sourcebook! (2004 edition)
A key resource for working with the 100 milestone documents in the classroom.

Meeting Standards with Our Documents
Get your students involved with Our Documents and standards with this teaching suggestion.

Numerous, Various, Revealing, Ubiquitous, and Teachable Documents
Creative teaching suggestions for introducing students to the milestones and reinforcing their significance through nine new related documents.

The “Our Documents” Book
Oxford University Press has published “Our Documents: 100 Milestone Documents from the National Archives,” a commemorative book of the 100 milestone documents that have shaped our nation.

Ideas for Librarians
New suggestions for enhancing your library with materials and resources.

Integrating into the Classroom
New suggestions and lesson ideas for all grades on how to integrate into your social studies classroom.

Download the New Poster
Display the 'Our Documents' poster in your classroom, library, or office.

For more suggestions...
For more suggestions on working with primary source documents, be sure to consult our list of Related Resources, including the National Archives' own Digital Classroom.

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