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Law Enforcement Ethics Instructor Certification Seminar (IG-EICS-901), 2/2 - 2/6/09

The IG Academy is offering a Law Enforcement Ethics Instructor Certification Seminar (IG-EICS-901), 2/2 - 2/6/09, at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC) Glynco, GA. This training is open to the members of the federal law enforcement community.

Law Enforcement Ethics Instructor Certification Seminar 40 hours

Ethics training for law enforcement officers/agents cannot be underemphasized. Consider some recent research findings: In 2007, 6 in 10 government employees saw ethical misconduct at work. 25% of government employees said their culture at work results in unethical behavior. 75% of undergraduate college students (2005-2007) reported they had cheated in college, and 50% reported cheating in grad school (2006). In another study, 50% of resumes were found to contain false information that was material (i.e. degree, job title, previous employment). The Federal Law Enforcement Training Accreditation Board recently added a standard that requires all basic or entry-level law enforcement training programs to include ethics training.

Participants completing this seminar become certified as Ethics Instructors by the National Institute of Ethics (, a Congressional award winning, nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to furthering ethics and integrity throughout America. The mission of the National Institute of Ethics is to enhance professionalism through ethical standards and integrity assurance training.

Students will learn the most effective teaching techniques, as well as ways to make critical internal improvements in the ethical culture of your organization. Instruction in this program is based on extensive research. Ethics and integrity should be stressed by the leadership of law enforcement organizations on an ongoing basis, so consider sending individuals in the supervisory ranks of your agency. This program is not restricted to instructional staff.

Topics include:

  • Employee Intervention Programs
  • State-of-the art ethics leadership techniques
  • The Process That Prevents Corruption
  • The Ethical Decision Making Process
  • Practical Training Problems and Solutions
  • Attaining Leadership Commitment for Change
  • Participant Video-Taped Teaching Exercises
  • Implementing It Back Home
  • Solutions to the major causes of corruption
  • Overcoming cynical students.

Participants receive a comprehensive 370-page participant manual, including Copyright permission for use within your own agency, as well as lesson plan, written pre-test and post-test, PowerPoint presentations, and research findings on CD.

Please register by email no later than 1/15/09 to Vivian Dahl at (please copy Sue Wainright at Tuition is $620. Meals/lodging will be provided by the FLETC.

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