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Policy for adding and removing links on NN/LM National Web pages

As a resource for our users, NN/LM maintains a variety of pages which list links to other Web sites. These lists include topics such as Internet search and discovery tools, NLM and other federal resources, network references, and links of general interest to library management. These lists are intended to be representative but not exhaustive, useful but not authoritative, fair but not necessarily impartial.

We attempt to feature links to governmental, educational, and not-for-profit sites which in our judgment will have value for those who visit the NN/LM Web Site and use our lists. Recognizing that some valuable services are available exclusively from commercial sites (e.g., Web search tools, database vendor information, etc.), links to selected commercial sites are included to provide access to useful, free, educational resources. However, under no circumstances will we endorse commercial services or link to a site that is primarily fee-based. Links are selected based on: (a) the quality of the information found at the site; (b) the relevance of this information to the NN/LM program mission; and (c) the organization sponsoring the site.

All links being considered for addition to or removal from existing and new NN/LM pages should be proposed to the NN/LM Web Team for consideration. Links may be nominated by any member of the NN/LM Web team. Nominations should include a brief statement describing the value of the link. Similarly, any member of the NN/LM Web team may propose removal of an existing link. All additions and removals are subject to comment and discussion among the NN/LM Web team for a minimum of two working days. Decisions are reached by team consensus.

A link to this policy will be maintained on the affected "national" pages.

Comments and suggestions are always welcome. Use the Feedback link located at the top of any page.