EHP International Program

Mission Statement

Through its International Program EHP seeks to expand the quality of and access to scientific information around the world. We do this by:

  • disseminating critical environmental health science information to research scientists, health practitioners, and policy makers;
  • initiating and participating in training and guidance programs for scientific journals in developing countries to help them reach their full potential for high-quality scholarly publishing;
  • sharing EHP content for translation into other languages; and
  • partnering with international scientific journals to bring scientific information to the broadest possible audience.

Global Access to EHP

open access logo EHP was established to provide a forum for the discussion and presentation of environmental health issues at the local, national, and international levels. Today EHP publishes much of the most important information coming out of environmental health research. With our success comes the responsibility to share this critical information with the global community. more . . .

Capacity Building

staff image Capacity building is any activity that improves an entity's ability to achieve its mission. In the case of scientific journals, capacity building often involves training and mentorship to improve editorial and administrative functions and processes. Such improvements, in turn, enable a journal to better attract and disseminate information that can improve human health by raising awareness of emerging issues as well as by inciting debate and reflection. In the words of the old maxim, capacity building is teaching a man to fish. more . . .

Translated Content

ehp chinese edition logo Although English is spoken by scientists around the world, those outside the scientific and health care communities are often less likely to have a working knowledge of this language. To help EHP fulfill its mission of disseminating scientific information not only to scientists but also to policy makers and an informed lay public, we provide translations of selected EHP content. more . . .

Journal Partnerships

c&t logo International journal partnerships that foster scientific exchange further the shared scientific goals and missions of each partner through wider dissemination of scientific information to new audiences. Marketing benefits include an enhanced credibility of each partner—both journals benefit from increased visibility by providing reciprocal presence and recognition on websites and in advertisements. more . . .