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Environmental Health Perspectives (EHP) is a monthly journal of peer-reviewed research and news on the impact of the environment on human health. EHP is published by the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences and its content is free online. Print issues are available by paid subscription.DISCLAIMER
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About RSS Feeds

What are "feeds?"
You may have also heard them referred to as RSS feeds (for "Really Simple Syndication"), Atom feeds, or web syndication. Whatever you choose to call them, feeds are a way for a website to provide users with automatic updates. Using a program known as a , a user can quickly and efficiently receive updates from a number of websites at once.

If a stand-alone program is not your preference, then you can use one of the numerous web-based news readers, such as Bloglines or Google Reader. Some of the more recent browsers, such as Firefox and Safari, have built-in support for feeds. There are even services that will let you receive feed updates via email.

The method for receiving (or "subscribing to") a particular feed does vary by which news reader you are using. It usually requires copying the URL of the particular feed and pasting into the news reader. The URLs for the feeds currently offered by EHP are in the box at the top of this page.

Additional Information
For more information on feeds, you can visit the sites below.

Descriptions of feeds offered by EHP

EHP-in-Press (web page) (feed) has our most recent articles. After an article has passed peer review and been accepted it goes online here within 24 hours. You can view either the full article or the abstract in pdf format. After the articles have been prepared for a printed issue the html version of the article goes online. When the final version of an issue goes online at the beginning of the month the associated article links are removed from EHP-in-Press.

Correspondence-in-Press (web page) (feed) has the most recent correspondence about our articles as well as the authors' responses. The letters will be printed in an upcoming issue. When the final version of an issue goes online the associated correspondence links are removed from Correspondence-in-Press.

EHP Press Releases (web page) (Feeds: full text | summaries | titles-only | podcast) has the most recent press releases regarding articles in EHP.

EHP Science Selections (web page) (Feeds: full text | summaries | titles-only | podcast) are brief summaries of research articles published in the concurrent issue of EHP.

Career Opportunities Listed in EHP (web page) (feed) (podcast) are listings of positions at universities, research centers, and federal agencies. To inquire about listing a Career Opportunities advertisement, please e-mail Karen Warren at ehpads@brogan.com or call 919-653-2581.

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