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About the Global Media AIDS Initiative
The Global Media AIDS Initiative (GMAI) -- www.thegmai.org -- is founded on the principle that media represents a formidable ally in any effort to address HIV/AIDS. Launched in January 2004 at an historic meeting at U.N. headquarters of top media executives from around the globe, the GMAI was conceived and organized by the Kaiser Family Foundation and UNAIDS to mobilize and leverage the vast resources of the world's leading media companies to address AIDS
Regional Partnerships
Through large-scale national and regional coalitions of media, a network that includes over 300 media companies, the GMAI unites broadcast companies around a common cause. Supporting member broadcasters pledge to make AIDS a business priority and dedicate airtime, creative talent and production resources to HIV-related programming.
Goals & Objectives
  • Develop media leadership in HIV/AIDS in addressing the pandemic;
  • Provide strategic and technical support to regional partnerships;
  • Forge strategic alliances between media and leading AIDS organizations and other related sectors;
  • Offer tailored skill-building resources, including leadership and content-development workshops, online tutorials, and research and reporting guidelines;
  • Serve as a general communications hub through its Web site: www.thegmai.org 
  • Facilitate the sharing of HIV/AIDS content
Kaiser's Role as Secretariat
The GMAI Secretariat, run by the Kaiser Family Foundation, operates a number of large-scale regional coalitions of media. These "action arms" provide unprecedented coordination of media in response to any social issue. The Ford Foundation and Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation provide additional support.
The Need
Since the first diagnosis more than 25 years ago, over 60 million people worldwide have become infected with HIV, the virus that causes AIDS and an estimated 25 million have died. Despite the best efforts of policymakers, the scientific community and civil society, the AIDS pandemic continues to outpace the response. With its vast communications infrastructure and ability to shape attitudes, raise awareness and influence behavior, mass media represents a formidable force in the fight against HIV/AIDS. HIV is preventable; yet, gaps in public awareness exist in every region of the world. By working in partnership with media, information can be spread faster than the disease.


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