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Kaiser Commission on Medicaid and the Uninsured
Report Shows Impact of the Recession on Family Budgets and Health Coverage
This issue brief, drawn from five focus group discussions, sheds light on the experiences of families who have suffered financial reversals and lost health coverage in the economic downturn, forcing many to turn to safety-net programs such as Medicaid and SCHIP for the first time.
Care and Coverage of the Nation's Children: A Resource Page
Coverage of children is a key element of the debate over reforming the U.S. health care system. The Foundation has several resources that explain the state of children's health and health care coverage, including the roles of Medicaid and the State Children's Health Insurance Program.
Guide Provides Overview of Policy Approaches to Covering the Uninsured
This reference guide explains the key strategies for expanding affordable coverage to the nation's uninsured population and explains how different policy approaches can be combined to form comprehensive reform proposals.
President-Elect Obama's Campaign Positions On Health Reform and Other Issues
These summaries explain President-Elect Obama's campaign proposal on comprehensive health reform, as well as his campaign positions on a variety of other health care issues.
Brief, Other Resources Examine Trends In Health Coverage and the Uninsured
A new issue brief examines the underlying shifts in health insurance coverage in 2007 that led to an increase in coverage. The brief also projects that the current economic downturn and rising unemployment rate likely will cause the number of uninsured to grow by at least two million in 2008. There is also an updated uninsured primer and online chartbook.
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The Role of Medicaid in State Economies: A Look at the Research -- January 2009 KCMU Material

Reports Examine Impact of Economic Turmoil on Health Coverage and State Medicaid Programs -- January 2009 KCMU Material Video/Audio

Rising Unemployment, Medicaid and the Uninsured -- January 2009 KCMU Material

Medicaid in a Crunch: A Mid-FY 2009 Update on State Medicaid Issues in a Recession -- January 2009 KCMU Material

State Fiscal Conditions & Medicaid -- January 2009 KCMU Material

Turning to Medicaid and SCHIP in an Economic Recession: Conversations with Recent Applicants and Enrollees -- December 2008 KCMU Material

Medicaid Home and Community-Based Service Programs - Data Update -- December 2008 KCMU Material

Short Term Options for Medicaid in a Recession -- December 2008

Care and Coverage of the Nation's Children: A Resource Page -- December 2008 KCMU Material

Approaches to Covering the Uninsured: A Guide -- December 2008 KCMU Material

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