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Teachers' Kit

Many of these materials can be downloaded in more than one format to meet the resource needs of as many teachers and students as possible.

  • Classroom Lesson Materials

    • Medicines in My Home: Information for Students on Using Over-the-Counter Medicines Safely
      This booklet is for students to take home and share with their families. It contains information that reinforces the classroom lesson and additional information about common medicines found in over-the-counter medicine products used to treat cough, cold, and allergy symptoms.
      [Color PDF ]

    • Classroom Lesson on Safe OTC Medicine Use - for Student Audiences
      [PowerPoint] - The animated PowerPoint presentation includes slide notes to guide you though the MIMH classroom lesson.
      [PDF ] - These slide note pages can be printed and used as a script while teaching the MIMH lesson in the classroom.
      [PDF ] - This PDF version of the PowerPoint presentation is not animated and does not include slide notes.

    • "Feel Better" Drug Facts label sheet [PowerPoint, 417 Kb]
      This drug product label was created for teaching this lesson but closely resembles labels for approved medicine products. This label is used throughout the MIMH classroom lesson.

    • Worksheet [Word] [PDF ]
      This worksheet may be used during the lesson if you would like your students to take notes or may be reviewed after the presentation to reinforce key points.

    • Student Assessment
  • Home Activities

    • Home Project [Word] [PDF ]
      Family homework activity that encourages students to partner with their family members to explore the OTC medicines in their home.  Students apply and expand upon concepts learned in class including: safe storage location, discarding expired products, finding correct medicine measuring tools, and identifying medicines that contain the same active ingredients.

    • "All About Me" [Word] [PDF ]
      Provides a place for students to record medicines used, how they feel, and questions to ask their doctor before they go for doctors' visits. We hope that using "All About Me" will encourage students to take an active role in their healthcare and their interactions with healthcare professionals.

PDF requires the free Adobe Acrobat Reader