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Center for Veterinary Medicine
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Office of Management (HFV-10)

Center for Veterinary Medicine Mailing Address:
FDA/Center for Veterinary Medicine
7519 Standish Place
Rockville, Maryland 20855
Telephone Area Code: 240 (unless otherwise noted)

Building Codes:
MPN I - 7520 Standish Place, Rockville, MD
MPN II - 7500 Standish Place, Rockville, MD
MPN IV - 7519 Standish Place, Rockville, MD
MPN V - 7529 Standish Place, Rockville, MD
MOD II - 8401 Muirkirk Road, Laurel, MD

Revised March 18, 2008

Room 3577
Fax # 240-276-9744
Telephone Bldg. Room
Mr. David Wardrop Jr. Executive Officer/Director 240-276-9700 MPN IV 180
Mrs. Barbara E. Leach Deputy Director 240-276-9717 MPN V 3570
Dr. Eric Dubbin  Veterinary Medical Officer/Org Dev  240-276-9240  MPN IV  145 
Mr. Gary Claywell Deputy Director 240-276-9700 MPN V 3566
Mrs. Margaret Zabriski  Business Process Improvement 240-276-9143  MPN IV  3519 
Mrs. Susan Banks  Program Analyst   240-276-9727  MPN V  3576 
Ms. Holly Ballance   Staff Specialist 240-276-9701  MPN V  3577  
Budget & Finance Liaison Program (HFV-10) Telephone Bldg. Room
Mrs. Roxanne K. Schweitzer Director 240-276-9705 MPN V 3563
Mrs. Heidi Jackson Program Analyst 240-276-9739 MPN V 3567
Ms. Ann Norris Program Analyst 240-276-9718 MPN V 3559
Mrs. Sonia Gallagher  Program Analyst  240-276-9716 MPN V 3562
Ms. Patricia Arnwine Program Analyst  240-276-9724   MPN V  3560
Mrs. Lisa McGee   Program Analyst  240-276-9738  MPN V  3559 
Mr. Bryan Walsh Program Analyst 240-276-9730 MPN V 3561
Mr. Scott Strunk  Program Support Assistant  240-276-9011  MPN V 3579 
Management & Services Staff (HFV-15) Telephone Bldg. Room
Room 3582 Fax # 240-276-9745      
Ms. Jacqueline Salter  Director 240-276-9703 MPN V 3572
Ms. Kathy Eberhart Personnel Program Analyst 240-276-9728 MPN V 3571
Vacant Management Officer MPN V
Ms. Wendy Schuller Facilities Management Specialist 240-276-9733 MPN V 3573
Ms. Arleen Wang Program Analyst 240-276-9737 MPN V 3565
Ms. Trudie Willis Program Analyst 240-276-9704 MPN V  3575 
Staff College (HFV-15) Telephone Bldg. Room
Ms. Connie Mahon Director, Staff College 240-276-9009 MPN V 3545
Ms. Karen Pascal  Program Education Specialist  240-276-9146  MPN V     3526
Ms. Sherri Stephenson-Washington Training Officer 240-276-9740 MPN V 3547
Ms. Tina Ennis Education Program Specialist  240-276-9731  MPN V  3524 
Ms. Karen Tracey  Training Specialist  240-276-9714  MPN V  3552 
Ms. Stanice L. Cooper Training Specialist 240-276-9710 MPN V 3548
Information Resources Staff (HFV-16) Telephone Bldg. Room
Ms. Karen S. Alder Deputy Director 240-276-9133 MPN IV 3516
Ms. Michelle D. Talley Web Developer/Architect 240-276-9142 MPN IV 3521
Mr. Eddie Hudson Lead Programmer/System Analyst 240-453-6809 MPN IV 3533
Mr. Ryan Robinson Management Analyst  240-276-9141  MPN IV   3520  

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