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Center for Veterinary Medicine
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Office of Research (HFV-500)

Center for Veterinary Medicine Mailing Address:
FDA/Center for Veterinary Medicine
7519 Standish Place
Rockville, Maryland 20855
Telephone Area Code: 301 (unless otherwise noted)

Building Codes:
MPN I - 7520 Standish Place, Rockville, MD
MPN II - 7500 Standish Place, Rockville, MD
MPN IV - 7519 Standish Place, Rockville, MD
MPN V - 7529 Standish Place, Rockville, MD * Telephone: 240-276-9700 * Fax: 240-276-9744
MOD II - 8401 Muirkirk Road, Laurel, MD

Revised December 6, 2006

Telephone Bldg Room
Room G101 Fax# 301-210-4685
Dr. Marleen M. Wekell Office Director 210-4760  MOD II G101A
Mr. Michael Thomas Deputy Director (Acting) 210-4760  MOD II G103
Dr. David G. White Director, NARMS 210-4181 MOD II G507
Mr. O. J. Cartwright Consumer Safety Officer 210-4219  MOD II G-503
Ms. Carol V. Cope Consumer Safety Officer 210-4243  MOD II G-503
Mr. Bruce D. Bradley Safety & Occupational Health Manager (HFV-504) 210-4687  MOD II G509
Ms. Vivian G. Vontress Management Officer 210-4153  MOD II G-501
Office of Research Swing office - 7519 Standish 240-276-9709 MPN IV  3579
Administrative Staff (HFV-506) Telephone Bldg Room
Mr. Neil T. Schibblehut Model Maker 210-7852  MOD II D1-08
Mr. John V. Schrider Maintenance Mechanic 210-7853  MOD II D1-09
Ms. Ettie Karpman Secretary 210-4138  MOD II G100
Mrs. Denise B. Durham Program Support Specialist 210-4186  MOD II G201
Vacant Secretary 210-4139  MOD II G100
Room 2511 Fax# 301-210-4653  
Mr. Michael Thomas Director 210-4650  MOD II 2511
Analytical Methods Team (HFV-511) Telephone Bldg Room
Dr. Philip J. Kijak Team Leader 210-4589  MOD II 2509
Mr. David N. Heller Chemist 210-4579  MOD II 2503
Dr. Mary C. Carson Chemist 210-4652  MOD II 2517
Ms. Cristina Nochetto Chemist 210-4184  MOD II 2513
Dr. Hui Li Staff Fellow  210-4271  MOD II 2507 
Ms. Shani Smith Chemist 210-4242 MOD II G-704
Metabolism and Diagnostic Team (HFV-512) Telephone Bldg Room
Dr. Jurgen D. von Bredow Team Leader 210-4651  MOD II 2501
Dr. Badaruddin Shaikh Research Chemist 210-4654  MOD II 2521
Dr. Pak S. Chu Chemist 210-4583  MOD II 2505
Dr. Mayda Lopez Chemist 210-4587  MOD II 2513
Mr. Nathan G. Rummel Chemist 210-4289  MOD II 1501A
Ms. Michelle Smith Chemist  210-4581  MOD II G-704
Room 6503 Fax# 301-210-485
Dr. Russell A. Frobish Director 210-4683  MOD II G-107
Dr. Michael J. Myers Research Pharmacologist 210-4355  MOD II G-511
Dr. Joseph C. Kawalek Research Chemist 210-4296  MOD II G513
Mrs. Dorothy E. Farrell Microbiologist 210-4470  MOD II G-527
Dr. Renate Reimschuessel Research Biologist 210-4214  MOD II G-517 
Ms. Yolanda Jones Biologist 210-4135 MOD II
Mr. Charles Gieseker Biologist 210-4217  MOD II G-510 
Ms. Karyn D. Howard Biologist 210-4244  MOD II G502
Dr. Michael Scott Staff Fellow 210-4218  MOD II G521
Dr. Jeffrey Ward Veterinary Medical Officer  210-4216  MOD II G-519
Dr. Haile Yancy Staff Fellow 210-4096  MOD II G515
Ms. Jewell Washington Biologist 210-4261  MOD II G-208
Ms. Jamie Boehmer Biologist 210-4281  MOD II G-500
Christine-Sue Cheely Biologist (Contractor) 210-4094  MOD II G-704
Mr. Ron Miller Microbiologist (Contractor) 210-4762 MOD II G-704
Ms.Christine Deaver  Biologist (Contractor)  210-4090  MOD II 
Animal Care and Use Staff (HFV-521) Telephone Bldg Room
Vacant Chief   MOD II G517
Mr. Mark S. Henderson Biological Laboratory Technician 210-4681  MOD II G-202 
Mr. Samuel E. Howard Animal Caretaker 210-7830  MOD II C1-02A
Mr. Mark W. McDonald Animal Scientist 210-4658  MOD II G-204 
Room G503 Fax# 301-210-4685
Dr. David G White Director 210-4187  MOD II G-105
Animal and Molecular Microbiology Team (HFV-531)  Telephone Building Room
Dr. Patrick F. McDermott Research Microbiologist 210-4213 MOD II 1505
Dr. Shaohua Zhao Research Microbiologist 210-4472 MOD II 1519
Jason W. Abbott Microbiologist 210-4185 MOD II 1501 
Ms. Patricia Cullen Microbiologist 210-4132 MOD II 1513
Mrs. Sharon L. Friedman Microbiologist 210-4249 MOD II 1501A
Mr. Shawn D. McDermott Microbiologist 210-4267 MOD II 1501
Mrs. Peggy Carter Microbiologist 210-4256 MOD II 1513
Mrs. Sonya Bodeis-Jones Microbiologist 210-4251 MOD II 1513
National Antimicrobial Resistance Monitoring System (HFV-532)  Telephone Building Room
Dr. David G. White Team Leader  210-4246  MOD II 1507
Mr. Stuart A. Gaines Microbiologist 210-4294  MOD II G-210
Mrs. Linda L. English Microbiologist 210-4585  MOD II 1523
Mrs. Althea Glenn Staff Fellow 210-4021  MOD II 1511 
Mrs. Sadaf Qaiyumi Visiting Scientist 210-4353  MOD II 1521
Mrs. Sherry L. Ayers Microbiologist 210-4268  MOD II 1517
Dr. Elvira Hall-Robinson (Commissioned Corp)  Senior Vet. Epidemiologist 210-4217 MOD II 1515
Dr. Loretta Walker Veterinary Medical Officer 210-4350 MOD II 1511 
Dr. Terry Proescholdt Biologist 210-4023 MOD II 1515 
R. Tom Chiller (Commissioned Corp) Medical Epidemiologist 404- 371-5406 Atlanta , GA CDC
Dr. Heather Harbottle Microbiologist (Contractor) 210-4264  MOD II G-704
Module II Mailing Address:
FDA, Center for Veterinary Medicine
Office of Research
8401 Muirkirk Road
Laurel , Md 20708

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