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Center for Veterinary Medicine
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Office of Surveillance and Compliance (HFV-200)

Center for Veterinary Medicine Mailing Address:
FDA/Center for Veterinary Medicine
7519 Standish Place
Rockville, Maryland 20855
Telephone Area Code: 301 (unless otherwise noted)

Building Codes:
MPN I - 7520 Standish Place, Rockville, MD
MPN II - 7500 Standish Place, Rockville, MD
MPN IV - 7519 Standish Place, Rockville, MD
MPN V - 7529 Standish Place, Rockville, MD  * Telephone: 240-276-9700 * Fax: 240-276-9744
MOD II - 8401 Muirkirk Road, Laurel, MD

Revised January 27, 2008
    Telephone Bldg Room
Fax - OSC/DAF - IO Fax # 240-453-6882     2651 
Fax - OSC/ IO Fax # 240-453-6880     2673
OFFICE OF THE DIRECTOR (HFV-200) Telephone Bldg Room
Room 2673 Fax #240-453-6880 240-453-6830 MPN IV 2673
Dr. Daniel G. McChesney Director 240-453-6831 MPN IV 2671
Dr. Martine Hartogensis  Deputy Director 240-453-6833 MPN IV 2672
Dr. Alfred Montgomery Countererriosm Coordinator 240-453-6836 MPN IV 2666
Dr. Glenn A. Peterson Special Assistant to the Director 240-453-6876 MPN IV 2664
Ms. Nadine Steinberg Regulatory Counsel  240-453-6846  MPN IV   
Mrs. Maureen D. Majors  Management Officer  240-453-6837  MPN IV  2670 
Ms. Teresa Thomas Management Specialist  240-453-6839 MPN IV 2667 
Ms. Nanette Milton Office Secretary 240-453-6840 MPN IV 2673
Mr. Tesfahun K. Kidanu Business and Science Analyst  240-453-6859 MPN IV 2669
Mr. Barry Hooberman  Toxicologist  240-453-6835 MPN IV  2672 
Room 2611 Fax #240-276-9193 240-276-9191 MPN IV 2611
Dr. Lynn O. Post Director 240-276-9062 MPN IV 2612
Dr. Vitolis E. Vengris Special Assistant, VMO 240-276-9063  MPN IV 2614
Vacant Contractor 240-276-9061  MPN IV 2611
Marketed Product Information Team (HFV-212) Telephone Bldg Room
Dr. Arnel Paralta Supervisor, VMO 240-276-9064  MPN IV 2617
Ms. Pamela K. Esposito Consumer Safety Officer 240-276-9067  MPN IV 2618
Mrs. Elizabeth A. Grove Microbiologist 240-276-9076  MPN IV 2626
vacant Applications Examiner 240-276-9068 MPN IV 2619
Ms. Charise Kasser Consumer Safety Officer 240-276-9069 MPN IV 2620
Mr. Philip K. Whitney Consumer Safety Officer 240-276-9075  MPN IV 2625
Mr. John Bartkowiak Consumer Safety Officer 240-276-9079 MPN IV 2629
Mr. Ibrahim Kamara  Regulatory Review Officer  240-276-9074  MPN IV  2624 
Medical Review & Pharmacovigilance Team (HFV-214) Telephone Bldg Room
Dr. John D. Baker Supervisory Team Leader, VMO 240-453-6844  MPN IV 2628
Dr. Priscilla Batten Staff Fellow, VMO 240-276-9049  MPN IV 2605
Dr. Tina M. Burgess Staff Fellow, VMO 240-276-9055  MPN IV 2605
Dr. Teresa L. Koogler Staff Fellow, VMO 240-276-9054  MPN IV 2605
Dr. Margarita A. Brown Staff Fellow, VMO 240-276-9048  MPN IV 2604
Dr. Roderick Hudson Staff Fellow, VMO 240-276-9051  MPN IV 2605
Dr. Lee Ann Palmer Staff Fellow, VMO 240-276-9056  MPN IV 2605
Dr. Susan Bright Staff Fellow, VMO 240-276-9071 MPN IV 2621
**Please note that the main line for the Reviewer's is 240-276-9055**    
Post-Approval Review Team ( HFV-216) Telephone Bldg Room
Dr. Christopher Melluso Supervisory Team Leader, VMO 240-276-9065  MPN IV 2616
Dr. Julie Garnier Veterinary Medical Officer 240-453-6878 MPN IV 2628A
Vacant  Veterinary Medical Officer 240-276-9064 MPN IV 2615
Dr. Thomas Moskal Biologist 240-453-6843 MPN IV 2630 
Dr. Loretta Walker Veterinary Medical Officer   MPN IV 2606
Dr. Dorothy McAdams Veterinary Medical Officer  240-443-6802  MPN IV  2619
Dr. Jayne Tung  Veterinary Medical Office  240-276-9072  MPN IV  2628A 
DIVISION OF ANIMAL FEEDS (HFV-220) Telephone Bldg Room
Room 2651 Fax #240-453-6882 240-453-6848 MPN IV 2651
Dr. Sharon Benz Director 240-453-6864 MPN IV 2648
Dr. William D. Price Special Assistant to the Director 240-453-6847 MPN IV 2629
Mr. David S. Conklin Secretary 240-453-6849 MPN IV 2651
Feed Safety Team (HFV-222) Telephone Bldg Room
Vacant Supervisory Team Leader 240-453-6851 MPN IV 2662
Vacant Biologist 240-453-6868 MPN IV 2656
Dr. Michael Henry Biologist 240-453-6861 MPN IV 2655
Dr. Randall A. Lovell Veterinary Medical Officer 240-453-6857 MPN IV 2652
Dr. John D. McCurdy Chemist/Toxiologist 240-453-6852 MPN IV 2646
Dr. Linda Benjamin Chemist 240-453-6855 MPN IV 2639
Dr. Burt Pritchett Veterinary Medical Officer 240-453-6860 MPN IV 2654
Medicated Feeds Team (HFV-226) Telephone Bldg Room
Mrs. Jo W. Gulley Supervisory Team Leader 240-453-6858 MPN IV 2660 
Dr. Dragan Momcilovic Medicated Feed Specialist 240-453-6856 MPN IV 2650
Dr. Phares Okelo Biologist 240-453-6862 MPN IV 2661
Ms. Zoe A. Gill Industry Comp. Analyst 240-453-6867 MPN IV 2643
Ms. Isabel W. Pocurull Consumer Safety Officer 240-453-6853 MPN IV 2636
Nutrition and Labeling Team (HFV-228) Telephone Bldg Room
Dr. Michaela (Mika) G. Alewynse Supervisory Team Leader  240-453-6866 MPN IV 2644
Dr. William Burkholder Veterinary Medical Officer 240-453-6865 MPN IV 2642 
Dr. John P. Machado Veterinary Medical Officer 240-453-6854 MPN IV 2645
Dr. Rial Christensen Ruminant Nutritionist  240-453-6872 MPN IV 2641
Mrs. Jenny Murphy Biologist 240-453-6845 MPN IV 2647
Dr. Padmakumar Pillai  Visiting Scientist  240-453-6875  MPN IV  2682 
Dr. Terry Proescholdt Biologist  240-453-6838  MPN IV  2641 
Dr. Geoffrey Wong Physical Scientist 240-453-6879  MPN IV   
DIVISION OF COMPLIANCE (HFV-230) Telephone Bldg Room
Room 146 Fax # 240-276-9241 240-276-9200  MPN IV 146 
Dr. Neal Bataller  Director 240-276-9201  MPN IV 143 
Mr. Kim Young Deputy Director 240-276-9207  MPN IV 106 
Mr. Kevin Yowell  Program Support Assistant 240-276-9200 MPN IV 146
Ms. Kenya Craven Administrative Assistant 240-276-9258  MPN IV 164 
Enforcement and Regulatory Policy Team (HFV-232) Telephone Bldg Room
Mr. Paul Bachman Supervisory Team Leader  240-276-9239 MPN IV 136
Mr. William Bargo Consumer Safety Officer 240-276-9204  MPN IV 103 
Mr. Jorge F. Christian Consumer Safety Officer 240-276-9214  MPN IV 112 
Mr. Jack Geltman Consumer Safety Officer 240-276-9203  MPN IV 102 
Vacant Consumer Safety Officer 240-276-9215  MPN IV 113 
Mr. Stephen Trostle Consumer Safety Officer 240-276-9206  MPN IV 105
Ms. Sandra K. Washington Industry Compliance Specialist 240-276-9219  MPN IV 120 
Dr. Cathie Marshall Consumer Safety Officer 240-276-9217 MPNIV 116
BIMO and Administrative Actions Team (HFV-234) Telephone Bldg Room
Dr. Vernon Toelle Supervisory Team Leader 240-276-9238  MPN IV 142 
Mrs. Kathy Hemming-Thompson Consumer Safety Officer 240-276-9216  MPN IV 116 
Dr. Zollie Perry Consumer Safety Officer 240-276-9235  MPN IV 139 
Vacant Consumer Safety Officer 240-276-9237  MPN IV 141 
Vacant  Consumer Safety Officer 240-276-9233  MPN IV 137 
Mrs. Fredda Shere-Valenti Consumer Safety Officer 240-276-9236  MPN IV 140 
Ms. Diane Bargo  Consumer Safety Officer  240-453-9234  MPN IV  138 
Compliance Information Management Team (HFV-235) Telephone Bldg Room
Mrs. Deborah A. Cera Supervisory Team Leader 240-276-9209 MPN IV 107 
Mr. Randy Arbaugh Consumer Safety Officer 240-276-9213 MPN IV 111 
Ms. Kim E. Bell Consumer Safety Officer 240-276-9212 MPN IV 110
Mr. Jeffrey A. Carroll Clerk  240-276-9218 MPN IV 119
Mr. Shannon Jordre Consumer Safety Officer (Detail) 240-276-9229 MPN IV 131
Dr. Joseph Paige Consumer Saftey Officer 240-276-9210 MPN IV 108 
Mrs. Frances M. Pell Consumer Safety Officer 240-276-9211 MPN IV 109
Dr. Michael R. Talley Consumer Saftey Officer 865-919-5407 Univ. Tenn. Knoxville, TN
Mr. Michael Zimmerman Consumer Safety Officer  240-276-9202  MPN IV  109 
Toni Wooten  Regulatory Information Specialist  240-276-9220  MPN IV  122 

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