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Public Service Recognition Week

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The Roundtable

National Mall

Sponsored by the Public Employees Roundtable, Public Service Recognition Week honors the men and women who serve America as federal, state and local government employees.

Throughout the Nation and around the world, public employees use Public Service Recognition Week to educate citizens about the many ways in which the Federal government serves the people and how federal government services make life better for all of us.

During the week there will be a large exhibit on the National Mall in Washington, D.C. More than 100 government agencies will sponsor colorful exhibits that showcase the innovative and high-quality work of public employees. The Mall Event is the premier exposition offering government agencies the ability to reach out to the average American. Over the course of four days, the Mall Event will bring together government agencies, non-profit groups, and corporations, with the terrific opportunity to reach thousands of government employees, and tens of thousands of D.C.-area visitors, residents, students and others. Visitors come to the Mall to explore employment opportunities, learn about new programs and initiatives, discuss personal benefits, and have unparalleled interaction with the government agencies that serve their everyday needs. The Mall Event is a powerful, once-a-year opportunity for agencies to reach the American public and demonstrate the services they provide to the nation.