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Barney Videos

December 2006
Barney Cam V: Barney's Holiday Extravaganza
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December 2005
Barney Cam IV: A Very Beazley Christmas

April 2005
Barney and Miss Beazley's Spring Garden Tour

January 2004
Miss Beazley Arrives at the White House

December 2004
Barney Cam: Where in the White House is Miss Beazley?

December 2003
Barney Cam II: Barney Reloaded 

December 2002
Barney Cam I

Previous Videos

May 2004

Teaghan Ingwell interviews UConn's Men's basketball coach Jim Calhoun View

Kian Ingwell interviews UConn's Emeka Okafor

Milan Ingwell interviews UConn's Maria Conlon

President Bush Congratulates NCAA Winter Sports Champions View

Devyn Ingwell, White House Kid Reporter, interviews New England Patriots View

White House Kid Reporter, Luke Orr, interviews San Antonio Spurs View

March 2004

Laura Bush discusses the Pennsylvania Avenue Project.
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October 2003

President Bush Welcomes NBA Champs to the White House View

May 2003

President Congratulates Anaheim Angels

White House Kid Reporter, Luke Orr, interviews Anaheim Angels View

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