January 18, 2009
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The e-Appeal process is designed to help you prepare an appeal under MSPB's appellate jurisdiction
File a New Appeal
Use this option to file a new appeal with the Board. You can also use this option to return to a saved, but unsubmitted appeal.

File a new case within the MSPB's original jurisdiction

File a Pleading in an Existing Proceeding
This option includes filing a petition for review of an Initial Decision. It also includes submitting a Designation of Representative or Changes in Contact Information.
Initiate Addendum Proceeding Following Final MSPB Decision
Use this option to file a motion for attorney's fees, motion for enforcement, motion for consequential damages or motion for compensatory damages.There must be a final Board decision in order to pursue any of these options.

View/Change e-Filing Status
Use this option to register as an e-filer, or to withdraw your registration as an e-filer. If you are reporting a change in contact information, such as telephone number or address (physical or e-mail), click the second option, File a Pleading in an Existing Pleading.
View Case and Case Documents
Use this option to view case information and associated documents. Necessary security steps must be adhered to access the case and associated documents.
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